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so you have a healthy life

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Good personal hygiene can prevent diseases from spreading between people. Showering or bathing daily, wear clean clothes and keeping nails trimmed and clean are examples of good personal hygiene.

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Personal Hygiene is very important because not only does it maintain your cleanliness, it also contributes greatly to your health. Personal Hygiene includes taking a bath, brushing your teeth, cleaning your nails, your ears, washing your hands, etc.

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you need to practice hygiene because if you don't you will be dirty, stink, and you wont have any friends. hygiene is your cleanliness and the way you take care of yourself. you should always practice personal hygiene.

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Q: Why is it important to maintain good personal hygiene?
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Why is personal hygiene so important?

Hygiene is good because it keeps up with your aprence

How concerned should one be with personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene is very important to keep up. A lack of good hygiene will cause you to smell and people will not want to be around you.

Why is hygiene so important in cheese-making?

Hygiene is important regardless of what you do. And it is important because you can't score any hot chicks if you don't practice good personal hygiene.

Why personal hygiene is imoportant?

Personal hygiene is extremely important for everyone. Good hygiene helps to minimize or prevent spreading of viruses and bacteria. This is essential to help prevent everyone from getting sick.

How does personal hygiene impact on food hygiene and presentation?

Personal hygiene has a tremendous impact on food hygiene and presentation. If the preparer does not follow proper personal hygiene the recipient may be exposed to fecal contamination with their meal.

Why is personal hygiene important?

Person hygiene is important because it can help you keep yourself healthy. For example when you wash your hands your washing off germs that could harm you. Secondm taking a shower; taking a shower not only makes you smell good, but it also cleans out your pores! So persnol hygiene is important for alot of reasons.

Is it important for guys to have white teeth in order to talk to girls?

Not really. Though having good personal hygiene is always a good thing.

How do i help my son with his personal hygiene?

Lead by example and explain how important good hygiene is. Thirteen is a turning point in a child's life. They are becoming adults.Keep as much of the latest popular hygiene products on hand for him to use.

What are factors that affect foodborne illness?

Time and temperature abuse The important of handwashing and good personal hygiene Cross contamination

What army regulation covers field sanitation?

Field Manual 21-10: Field Hygiene and Sanitation covers personal hygiene in the field and Army Regulation 670-1: Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia states "Soldiers will maintain good personal hygiene and grooming on a daily basis..."

What are the precaution for cholera?

Cleaniness , good sanitation and personal hygiene

What is the importance of personal hygiene when painting?

Shrek Good question.