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There is a famous quote that goes something like this: "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it" If the Allies had stood up to Hitler in the mid to late 30s, there is a good chance the European portion of WWII might not have happened. Also when we look at what has come to light in the former Yugoslavia in regards to ethnic cleansing, we must never forget the concentration camps. As Ike said he visited the camps so that in later years, when the apologists tried to say it really never happened, he could say yes it did and I saw it. Another statement that really sums it up is when I was in the Army during Desert Storm and Shield, there were all of these protestors. My friends were quite upset, but I told them that what my father told me he said while in Nam, we were fighting to give them the freedom to express themselves, even if it was to criticize us. That is the beauty of the American system and part of the reason we must never forget the vets. There is a wonderful T-shirt I saw with a couple of Nam soldiers on it, the caption read "All gave some, some gave all" This is one of the reasons we must never forget. Remember for evil to succeed, all good men need do is nothing.

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Q: Why is it important to remember these wars and our forces who served and died?
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What is Veterans Day all about?

It is about remembering those who died or served in the armed forces.

How many Irish people served in World War 1?

Approx 210,000 Irishmen served in the British forces and approx 35,000 died

Why is it important to remember people who died in the war?

because they died for your freedom and there country

Why is the cross an important symbol for christians?

the cross is important because it is when jesus died on it for us and it was also a symbol to remember it.. this is y it is important

Why do you remember soldiers in World War 1?

we remember them because it is very important to do so for the soldiers who died in the ww1

How can you honor veterans who have died on Veterans Day?

You can go to their cemetery and find that person and put flowers on their grave. Remember them. What better way to honor someone who served his or her nation than to simply remember them and what they did. Respect the country they served and what it stands for. Be proud of what their service means.

What women do you honor on Memorial Day?

The American women who served and died in American wars and conflicts since the 1770's, as well as women civilians who served and died. That also includes women from other nations who fought and died for the United States of America and our allies in the last 240 years. There are plenty of memorials and states dedicated to the women who served and died in the armed forces of the USA.

What happened when the Mexican came home?

Approximately 170,000 Hispanics served with US forces in the Vietnam War; over 3,000 died in Vietnam.

Why does united staes celebrates Memorial Day?

Memorial Day honors the US men and women who died while in the military, serving their country. It is a day to remember all the people who have served - and are serving - in the armed forces; our surviving veterans; and to honor those who have died in past wars Hope this answers it. Happy Memorial Day!

What do people wear on ANZAC day in Australia?

ANZAC Day is a time when people who have served in Australia's armed forces wear their uniforms and their medals. Relatives of anyone who has served in the forces, who has since died, also wear the medals and insignias earned by those who served. Other people wear ordinary clothes, though many will wear a red poppy out of respect.

Why is it important to remember people on remembrance day?

It is important to remember dead people on rembrance day cause they died fighting for us and we should rember them it is also my grandparents anniversary

Why is it important to celebrate Memorial Day every year?

It is important because its to remember the soldiers that died in war i hope this is right :)

How many people served in the American Revolution and how many died?

380000 served you died

Why is it important to set aside the time to celebrate remembrance day?

It is important to remember all of the soldiers that died for us.~pce out lolaa

How many US soldiers served in World War 2 and survived the war?

Including the US Army, Navy, and Marines, about 13 million Americans served in the armed forces in World War 2. About 400,000 died. The rest survived.

How many Americans served on the front by the end of the war and how many died?

1.3 million served, 50,000 died

What did Andrew Johnson do important?

He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war. Became president when Lincoln died and served in the senate.

Why should Memorial Day be important to all Americans?

It gives us a chance to remember the people who died in wars.

How many members of the US armed forces served during World War 1?

According to my social studies book, over 15 million men serverd, and 250,000 women served. According to a US Veterans Administration press release dated April 4, 2007, "4.7 milllion men and women served in the U.S. armed forces during World War I. About 53,000 died in combat, with another 204,000 wounded."j3h.

Why do Jews still remember the Holocaust and feel that it is an important part of their history?

Jews still remember the Holocaust and feel that it is important because so many people died for no reason! ___ For many, the Holocaust has become a key element of Jewish identity.

Why is Remembrance Day so important?

Remembrance Day is so important because it's a day in each year, when weremember the soldiers that died for us in WW1 and WW2.

Why is it important that the Holocaust is remembered?

Why isn't it? Millions of people died,some people were not even counted because there were so many deaths. Imagine dying in that horrific event. Well, wouldn't you want to be remembered? The Holocaust is an event not to only remember everyone who died, but to remember what humanity is capable of. Remember the Holocaust.

Are names on wall just those who died in Vietnam or can those who served there and died years later can be put on?

you served in vietnam and died years later can your name go on the wall

When did Remember Baker die?

Remember Baker died in 1775.

How many American people fought in World War 2?

Between the armed forces, navy, and air force, about 13 million American men and women served in WW2 (450,000 died, 950,000 were injured).