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Yes. Everything in dance is related back to Ballet, even tap!


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They believed dance allowed the spirits to express themselve.

Using a variety of sentence types makes your writing more interesting, so it's very important.

im pretty sure it means when dancing you use a variety of moves... ;)

Creon believed family relationships were not as important as the well-being of the state (government and people). In his decree, he informed his people that he had no use for those who value personal relationships (family relationships) above the state's.

You can use up to four dance "pads" in Dance Dance Revolution.

The important features of dance include body, action, space, time and energy. To remember this, people often use the acronym BASTE.

Dynamics, the use of change or energetic fluctuation, is important in dance to keep the viewer and dancer engaged. Its opposite would be static (or boring).

A dance where you use the rumba

Three games that use a dance pad are Mortal Combat, Dance Dance Revolution, and Fancy Pants.

Three games that use a dance pad are Mortal Combat, Dance Dance Revolution, and Fancy Pants.

Use of retrograde in dance: is to perform the motif backwards in a dance

You can use them in any point of the dance - star middle or end

Yes he does in the video Dance Dance he does

bees use the waggle dance when they are chasing other bees.

Singular would be variety and plural would be varities.

just dance and use you imagination!

There are certain rules, relationships and formulas that apply and must be understood so that you can use math and numbers to your advantage.

you should use classical music for a ribbon dance

contemporary dance can use almost any type of music. its all in the way you dance to it. i feel acoustic works really well.

Dance terms are words that dancers use to sound prefessinal, or the names of dance steps or moves.

Medium of dance is human body itself as dance makes use of human body for its expression.

It gets use to doing the dance steps.

There are a variety of ways to use the word in a sentence, but I can't come up with any.

The Japanese parasol is a dance in which we use the basic steps of the traditional Japanese dance. It is called Japanese parasol because we use a Japanese kind of umbrella which is a parasol.

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