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the lipids and waxes absorb dye so it cant be remove with acidified alcohol. this is how acid -fast bacteria "hold fast" to dye and remain stained while bacteria are washed clean

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Why is it important to wash the bacteria sample after it has been dyed?

Because Abraham Lincoln said so

What color are the gram negative bacteria dyed?

it is dyed a color.

Can I have a duvet color dyed tomatch my sheet set?

Yes, you can have a duvet cover dyed to any color. You will need a color sample to get the color right.

Can bacteria be seen with an ordinary microscope?

Yes. Mostly. Because most are transparent (and need to be dyed to really be seen).

Aren't black canned olives really pitted green olives that have been dyed?

I don't know. I've been trying to find answer to this all night. I've decided to buy several varieties and sample until I have an answer. Report back well never...

Why is a rabbit foot red?

It has been dyed with a red color

Why is a white shirt white?

Because the fibers have not been dyed a color, they have been bleached instead.

Since the 1930s most pistachios have been dyed what color?


How Would you decide approximately how long ago a hair sample was dyed?

the dye penetrates the cuticle and into the cortex, and under a microscope it will look yellowish if it has bleached.

Why do t shirts fade?

because of the material and the way it's been dyed

How do you spell the present tense of dye?

The present tense - dye or dyes (3rd person singular). The present continuous - is dyeing The present perfect - have dyed / has dyed The present perfect continuous - have been dyeing/ has been dyeing

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Dyed is a verb (past tense of dye) and an adjective (dyed hair).

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Do you mean "dyed" or "died? Ie: She dyed her hair yesterday. OR... She died yesterday.

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brunette? and when she was formerly known as "stefani" she was but who knows, she could of been naturally blond and dyed it brown, or naturally brown and dyed it blond. I hope this helped!

Woven yarn dyed fabric properties?

the fabric weave by dyed yarn called yarn dyed fabric

Do green roses exist?

I m also asking the same thing. I dont think they naturally exist. But they are probably dyed. The only green petalled roses are those for which the petals have been dyed.

How Many Times Has Maurice von Dyke Dyed Her Hair?

9 times. While it has mostly been many shades of blond in Feb. of 2007 she dyed it aurburn our of tribute to Michael Ammot.

What is the effect of washing on dyed materials?

the effect on dyed materials is

Your corona kerosene heater says to use water white clear kerosene only but you can no longer find kerosene that is not dyed pink is the dyed kerosene ok to use?

yes its ok to run dyed kerosene in your heater i have been doing it for at least 2 years now with no problems.

Why have Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse dyed their hair brown?

Dylan Sprouse dyed it for the film Kings of Appletown (2009).

What colour are Easter eggs dyed in Greece?

They are dyed red orriginally.

At what point during starch hydrolysis is considered as the achromatic point?

Achromatic means "without color." During a hydrolysis test, starch auger is used to grow bacteria. An iodine reagent is used to flood the plate. The starch is dyed a blue-brown color. Areas where the starch has been completely digested by the bacteria, are clear. That is known as the achromatic point, or the point at which all the starch has been consumed and the iodine does not dye the auger.

How do you use the word dyed in a sentence?

Dyed:verb: to stain or dye permanently.Example sentences:Yesterday, I dyed my hair.The red shirt turned pink when it was dyed in bleach.She really likes her cream colored dyed shoes.She dyed her faded jeans a navy blue.My sister works in a dye shop, though she has trouble with the colour prple.u

Why shouldn't you bleach hair that has been dyed with a metallic dye?

if you want to find out the hard way, go for it

What is a jelly bean frog?

A Jelly Bean Frog is an Albino African Clawed Frog that has been dyed.

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