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As there are many types of losses in a machine & these losses reduces the efficiency of that machine, hence ideal machine can never be there.

For an ideal machine, its efficiency should be 100% i.e.

Output of the machine= Input of the machine.

But in practice, due to various losses & temperature effects, our output is always less than the input.

For non ideal machine, input= output + losses.

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How do you build a time traveling machine?

It is impossible to build a machine that can travel through time.

Is building a real time machine an easy job to do?

It is not possible to build a time machine. So NO it is not easy, it is impossible.

Does an ideal machine have friction?

Machine without any friction is an ideal machine so an ideal machine cannot have friction.

How is a real machine like an ideal machine?

A real machine is like an ideal machine in that there are no massless chains or frictionless bearings. The parts of an ideal machine are rigid and weightless.

Comparisons of an ideal machine and a real machine?

An real machine takes friction into account, whereas an ideal machine does not.

What is the closest machine to an ideal machine?

Machine closest to an ideal machine should consume with nearly 100% efficiency and deliver maximum to output... In reality there is no such machine exists... But we can say a machine is close to an ideal by checking its efficiency.

Is there such a thing as an ideal machine?

No, there is not such thing as an ideal machine; it's just an idea.

What is the difference between an ideal machine and a real machine?

An ideal machine is one that is 100% efficient whereas a real machine is one that is not 100% efficient.

What is an example of an ideal machine?

An ideal machine is a machine where the output of work is equal to the input of work. An example is any machine that is not subject to the forces of friction, which reduces the output.

What is an ideal machine?

Basically, by the term ideal machine we want to say that the input given to the machine = the output obtained from the machine. But in practice,Such machine can't be made due to various types of losses in the machine. In fact, Output of machine < input of the machine...

How do you make impossible machine in doodle god?

its mechanism+ void+ energy= impossible machine

How is a real machine and an ideal machine different?

An ideal machine can reach 100% efficiency as there is no friction or other restraints involved, whereas a real machine can never reach 100% efficiency.

What is the Scientific definition for ideal machine?

An ideal machine is one in which no part of the input energy to the machine gets wasted and the whole input energy is converted into the useful work. The efficiency of such a machine is 100%.

Is there such thing as ideal frictionless machine?


What is the mechanical advantage of an ideal machine?

Ideal just means the machine has no losses. The mechanical advantage could be anything, depending on its configuration.

Does an ideal machine have an effciency of 100 percent?

Yes, an ideal machine would have an efficiency of 100%, but no machine is ideal. Because some work is wasted in all machines, there will always be less than 100% efficiency in all machines.

A machine in which input work is equal to output work is an?

Ideal machine

How the efficiency of an ideal machine compares with the efficiency of a real machine?

In an ideal frictionless system, the work input equals the output and force. Your Welcome!!!

The efficiency of an ideal machine is 100 percent. Do any machines used in your daily life in ideal Give reason to support your answer?

No physical machine is ideal. Friction is always a loss of energy.

An ideal machine would have an efficiency of?

A ideal machine would have an efficiency of 100 percent. For this to be possible, the amount of energy output by the machine would equal the amount of energy input. Because all machines have physical parts, some energy is lost to friction, heat dissipation, or other factors, so no machine can be an ideal machine.

Where can we buy a build a bear machine?

I don't think you can buy a build a bear machine

Work input equals work output is what type of machine?

ideal machine

What would a machine that had 100 percent mechanical efficiency be called?

an ideal machine

What is the multiplication force by a machine under ideal condition?

Ideal Mechanical Advantage (IMA)

An ideal machine has an efficiency of?

... of 1, or 100%.