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Why is it polyploidy in animals is more fatal than plants?

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Polyploidy occurs with the organism has double the normal set of chromosomes. In plants this can produce larger more viable plants, but it animals this is an abnormal mutation and often fatal.

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Why is polyploidy a disadvantage to animals?

Polyploidy is when there are several chromosomes extra. This is a disadvantage because errors during mitosis are more common than normal.

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What is polyploidy in biology?

Polyploidy is when the organism possesses more than two complete chromosome sets. It could either be an accident where a zygote may replicate its chromosomes and fail to divide or it could be completely normal. We don't normally see polyploidy in mammals (maybe in two closely related species of rodents) but it's a bit more frequent in fish and amphibians and really common in plants.

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What happens when polyploidy has taken place?

Polyploidy occurs in cells and organisms when there are more than two paired sets of chromosomes.

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What types of organisms are polyploidy?

Polyploidy occurs in cells and organisms when there are more than two homologous sets of chromosomes. "occurrence of polyploidy suggests an evolutionary advantage of having multiple sets of genetic material for adaptive evolution"

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