Why is it rude to spit?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Because it is disgusting. Spitters are just spewing their germs wherever they please with no consideration for others.

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Q: Why is it rude to spit?
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How do you use spit in a sentence?

It's always rude and often unsanitary when the children spit on the sidewalk.

What if you spit on someone?

You get in trouble because that's rude and disgusting.

Do you swallow ejaculate?

Yes. It's delicious and it'd be rude to spit.

Why is it bad to spit in another person's face?

Not only is it extremely rude, sputum (spit), especially if there are any sores or blood, can transmit disease including HIV.

Why has Justin bieber spit on his neighbors face?

Becouse he is so so rude , he thinks that he can do anything he wants

Why is it illegal to spit?

In some states people find it VERY rude and nasty and decided to make a law against it

What does it mean when people spit mustard on you?

It could mean a few things, but mainly it means that the person who did it has no social graces and is rude if it was done intentionally.

Name something rude people do while smoking?

blow smoke in your face spit smoke while eating throw butts on the floor

What about chewing gum in public?

If you chew it loud and get spit all over the place, that is rude and bad manners. If you chew it quiet and not often, that is nice and good manners.

On the first page of a newsletter what does it consist of the information above the multiple columns?

let me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on you

What nicknames does Joe Spit go by?

Joe Spit goes by Joe Spit.

Do llamas sneeze or spit?

They spit