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Because those two labels are passed around too frequently and unless one is a professional in psychiatry NO ONE has a right to practice arm-chair Psychology. What if the tables were turned on you?

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How do you handle grown children who throw you under the bus because they alter their behavior so as not to ire your narcissistic sociopath x husband?

You call the police.

Can a drug addiction cause sociopath behavior?

Yes indeed.

Does a sociopath ever get what he deserves?

'Sociopath' only implies the potential for anti-social behavior. What the sociopath 'deserves' is psychiatric help to attempt warding off any such behavior. Perhaps, as a society, we extend our boundaries a bit too far, sometimes, but that is where citizen liberties enter into the picture.

What is a sociopath like at work?

sociopaths are usually at their best behavior at work.

Do sociopaths exhibit obsessive compulsive behavior?

Some can, it depends on the sociopath.

Is sociopath behavior inherited?

If the behaviour of a parent is that of a sociopath then yes it can sometimes be inherited. Children copy their parents, they rationalise the behaviour as normal and so they replicate it.

What is narcissistic behavior?

self loving...arrogance, a "im better than everyone" attitude

What is a narcissistic injury?

"What is a narcissistic injury?" Whatever you internalize from his/her conduct as your fault. As guilt tripping and projecting is apart of abuse and manipulation used by abusers to weaken your sense of self and resolve. If you understand he/she owns their own conduct and self destructive behavior and remove them from the realm of your feelings the injury belongs to them and not you. Best wishes Narcissistic injury is not what the narcissist does to you, but what they think you've done to them. Criticizing the narcissists causes HUGE narcissistic injury. Ignoring a narcissist causes them injury. Failing to see them as Gods...ect. Eventually everyone will cause a narcissistic injury to a narcissist and they will devalue you.

Why is it important to understand a child's behavior?

it is important to understand a child's behavior so you know how to deal with it.

Is Narcissistic behavior as sociopathic behavior hereditary?

The jury's still out about nature or nurture. Some research shows it is genetic and linked to untreated ADHD in children.

Can young children have the characteristic of a sociopath?

Absolutely. Children can display many types of behavior related with a sociopath such as hurting animals or other people around them without regard. It is important to note that such behavior can also just be a child being curious and it is necessary to explain to the child the importance of what they are doing.

What do you understand by behavior?

To behave?

Where can you obtain information on narcissists?

Please go onto: TYPE IN: Explaining narcissistic behavior Marcy

Your narcissistic sister-in-law has been caught stealing twice is this an escalation in her behavior or is it normal?

There is nothing NORMAL about a narcissistic. There is nothing NORMAL about stealing. This is just the way she is and it's wrong no matter what.

Is it possible for someone to realize they are a sociopath?

yes, not that it would necessarily make a difference, because of the behavior of a sociopath, knowing they are one would not bring a "sudden flash of realization" and therefore would not make much of a difference.

How do you understand behavior?

Behavior is complex just like the human mind. but if you want to understand behavior in a personal sense, then you need to be patient and you have to find out what personality he/she has and then you adjust yourself to it. Keep observing... the more you'll understand.

Is it safe to give child visitation to a sociopath?

Here are some of the behavioral aspects of a sociopath : antisocial behavior, deceitfulness, hostility, irresponsibility, manipulativeness, risk taking behaviors, aggression, impulsivity, irritability, or lack of restraint. It is still up to the individual if he or she trusts the person to give visitation rights to the sociopath.

Are there different severities of narcissism?

I am not a psychologist, just an observer to the decades of narcissistic behavior in a bad narcissistic father. From everything I have observed and also studied up on and read, narcissism does seem to get worse with advancing age. At 95, I see that there is little left in NDad EXCEPT the narcissistic agenda.

Why we study human behavior?

So that we can understand other humans' behavior.

Is disassociative disorder associated with a socipath or narcissist?

Only in the sense that mistreatment by one of them might be related to its formation in a victim. People with narcissistic personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder (the correct name for sociopath) may be mercurial and seem to be expressing another personality, but in fact it is the real one, that they usually keep covered up with their deceptive behavior.

Why do you need study human behavior?

We need to study human behavior to understand them. Understanding emotions makes us understand the brain.

Is sociopath a genetic behavior?

The theory is that it is either there from birth or due to environmental factors. It is a blockage of the usual neurological pathway that transfers information.

What did sir francis galton want to understand?

he wanted to understand the behavior of the brain

Skinner theory associated with cognitive emotional or biological behavior?

BDF skinner believed the best way to understand behavior is to observe behavior. He felt you could understand behavior by looking at the causes of actions and consequences, operant conditioning.

Is psychology a sham?

Psychology is real; it can be a sham when used by unscrupulous or ignorant people. For some people, it's difficult to recognize when psychology is real or a sham. Used appropriately, it can help to understand the seemingly incomprehensible behavior of people. When you understand why people behave the way they do, it's so much easier to tolerate negative behavior of others. It's also easier to improve your own behavior.