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Why is it so easy to get addicted to drugs?

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well there is no real reason it depends becasue some people find it quite easy to stop then again some people think they can never get enough of it so it really depends on what person thinks

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Pros and cons on the war on drugs?

The pros on the "War on Drugs" is that the government makes drugs so expensive that people ,who aren't addicted get , won't pay the money to get drugs. So that way they can't try them to get addicted.

Is lil Wayne addicted to drugs?

lil Wayne is not addicted to drugs he does drugs just to ease his mind

Why do drugs takers find it so difficult to quit taking drugs?

They get addicted to the Drugs and can't stop taking them.

What do depressants and drugs have in common?

It is a drug, so to say, and people can get addicted to it, just like drugs.

If your husband is using drugs and make love to you would you be addicted to drugs?

No, as you have to be using drugs yourself to get addicted.You are, however, addicted to your husband. That's called "codependency."

Can you be addicted at birth?

Yes, babies born to mothers who are addicted to drugs are often born addicted to the same drugs themselves.

Why do you think it is so difficult for people to stay off drugs once they become addicted?

i think it is hard to stay of drugs when you get addicted because it is already inside your system

How can you prevent using drugs or get help?

That's easy. Say no to drugs. It's not worth it. Get special help if you become addicted. I did and the only thing I get high on is life. You only get one body so take care of it.

Was Thomas Jefferson addicted to medicine drugs or the bad type of drugs?

Thomas Jefferson was not addicted to medicine drugs or any bad type of drugs.

Can you get addicted too drugs if you use a bong?

duhhhh!!!!!!!! If it's addictive you can get addicted to it by using it. There isn't a special way around it. So yes. You can get addcited to drugs if you use a bong.

Has anyone do a science fair project about how drugs effect the humanbody?

ya ; i can do ..... it's so easy ..... u can do it by making comparison between the normal and a drug addicted man.........

What is the most addicted drug?

Drugs do not have the ability to become addicted

Why did the rolling stones do drugs?

Because they were available to them so they tried and got addicted

Is it true that when you are addicted to drugs you are always addicted to drugs?

Almost always. Some very lucky people have gotten away from the tug to try more, though. So, don't experiment, you probably wont be so lucky.

Is eminem addicted to drugs?


Does cross addiction mean your addicted to drugs and ahcole?

yes they do i am na and we get ppl that are croos addicted to drugs and alcohol

Are drugs making you addicted or are you making yourself addicted?

Drugs cause a physical need. That is not something you can think yourself to.

Did soldiers use drugs in Vietnam war?

yes they were available cheaply so soldiers got highly addicted to drugs

What is a return to drugs after being addicted drugs called?


Was Justin Bieber addicted to drugs?

No. I don't think so. I wonder who started that rumor

Do you get addicted to drugs on your first try?

well, what happens to many, maybe all people on their first try is, they take it, then they think "oh, that wasnt so bad." then, they take more, and more, and more, until they are completely addicted. don't think that you will try drugs and be fine and not get addicted. you will be addicted if you try drugs. so, don't even consider trying them. many kids get pressured with drugs at school. if someone does that to you, make an excuse, like say "sorry, I've got better things to do."

Do all people get addicted to drugs?

No, not all people become addicted to drugs. It depends on the type of drugs as well as the type of personality the person has, which makes some people more likely to become addicted than others.

Is Eminem still addicted to drugs?


Can you get addicted to two drugs?


Are addicted to drugs yearly?