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If you have an "all-risk" policy, vehicle damage is covered. If you have a "named-peril" policy, Aircraft & Vehicle damage are normally covered. If you are the owner of the homeowners policy and the brick wall is located on the insured premises, the loss should be covered (unless it was caused by a vehicle owned by an insured). If you file a claim, the company has a legal responsibility to investigate all the circumstances of your claim. If they deny your claim, they must do so in writing and explain EXACTLY WHY the claim is not covered under your policy.

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It's not hard at all. Most of us just telephone our insurance company and file it over the phone.

Once they give you a claim number just call a bricklayer or a contractor and have the repair work begin.

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Q: Why is it so hard to file a claim to your homeowners insurance for someone crashing into your brick wall that is on your property resulting from a hit and run driver?
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