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Why is it that there are no deer crossing signs?

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That depends on where you live at. Maybe there are not any deer where you live. Where I live we have deer and deer crossing signs. Deer are relatively small and do minimal damage to a car compared to a moose.

2009-07-19 05:08:58
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Q: Why is it that there are no deer crossing signs?
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Where can you fing deer crossing signs?

in rural areas

What is the color of a deer crossing sign?

The standard color for a deer crossing sign in the USA is yellow - the same color as is used for other warning signs and most yield signs. 2nd Answer: Per FHWA, yield signs in the US must be red on white in all public locations . . . CRiMCO

What are some road signs used for?

There are a wide range of road signs that are used for various reasons. There are stop signs to warn people to stop at intersections, Yield signs so that one will yield to oncoming traffic, Deer Crossing signs to warn of areas where there might be deer crossing the road as well as Speed Limit signs to warn drivers of the allowed speed in a designated area.

Railroad crossing signs are?

railroad crossing signs are railroad crossing signs, a baby could figure that one out.

What is the meaning of a deer crossing road sign?

To warn you that it would be common to find deer crossing the road you are on.

What traffic signs are likely to be ignored?

Yield, Stop sign, Deer crossing, 25mph when flashing school zone, and the infamous no turn on red.

What is the color of the street sign for deer crossing?

The colour of a street sign for deer crossing depends primarily on what country you are in. In North America, they tend to be a yellow diamond with a deer on the front.

What would a motorist not expect to see in city and suburban driving environment A trees along the streets B deer crossing signs C right turn on red signs D bicyclists E pedestrians?


What are the release dates for Deer Crossing - 2012?

Deer Crossing - 2012 was released on: USA: 25 September 2012 (DVD premiere)

What is the meaning of a Piebald deer crossing your path?

It means a Piebald deer crossed your path.

What does each highway code shaped sign stand for?

Circular signs are instructions (for example: speed limits, clearways, usage restrictions). Triangular signs are warnings of hazards (for example: falling rocks, deer crossing, low bridge). Rectangular signs are informational (for example: exit signs, place names, roundabout maps). Octagonal signs are stop signs, this is the only thing they are used for.

What do you get when you cross a five pigs with five deer?

An animal crossing

What does a deer crossing in front of you from right to left mean?

get out of the way

What are the release dates for Nichols - 1971 Deer Crossing 1-6?

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When do deer run in your neighborhood in Animal Crossing City Folk?

they don't

How do I avoid hitting an animal while driving at night?

Drive slower, watch for animal crossing warning signs on the highway and slow down even more when you see one. Look far ahead on the sides of the road for animals, especially deer. If you run upon a deer do not swerve to miss the deer. Hit your brakes hard and keep going straight.

Railroad crossing signs are -shaped?

Railroad crossing signs are either a white x shape with the words railroad crossing inside of them or a yellow circle with a black x and the letter R on the left and right side.

Why do deer like to be hit by cars?

They don't, they would prefer a long and fruitful life like most of us, it's just unfortunate that humans have built roads through the deers natural habitat. The Department of Transportation needs to place the "Deer Crossing" signs in a safer area. LOL!

Where are the deer in you spy treasure hunt?

one is standing behind the trees, and one is on the deer crossing sign on the door to the tree house

Deer crossing your path?

If a deer crosses your path is shows that a person is a compassionate person. It also shows that a person is gentle and giving.

Why are Animal Crossing road signs important?

Animal crossing road signs are important because they tell motorists where the highest amount of animal activity is located. The signs are used as a warning to drivers to be careful and to be alert in those specific areas.

What is the shape of railroad crossing signs?

A large X, referred to as a crossbuck.

Railroad crossing signs are what shaped?

In North America, they're round.

Under the section Emergency Situations what animal is pictured on the animal crossing sign?