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Why is it wrong to be nude?


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July 01, 2010 1:29AM

It is only wrong to be nude in public in America because most people in this country don't want to see a naked body. In other countries public nudity is often no big deal but in America we have a strange dislike of the naked form. But the question here is 'Why is it wrong to be nude' and that is to vague. It is Not wrong to be nude in the privacy of your own home, anytime you want, but in public it's wrong only if society does not accept it. There is nothing wrong with the nude form but there are many who don't feel this way so it is wrong to be nude around others who have not expressly accepted your nudism.

Nudists on the other hand, accept other people being nude around them and when in the company of nudists it is perfectly acceptable, and Not wrong. Nudists believe that our naked bodies are an amazing creation that god gave us and that to consider a nude body to be 'wrong' is illogical even from a religious point of view. How can we believe that a naked body is wrong when god created us in his image? Our bodies are one of the most amazing things god created. Nudity in itself is just nudity and is not lewd unless you do something lewd, and this applies to naked bodies, or clothed.

So whether being nude is 'wrong' or not is a really a matter of opinion but many feel it is Not wrong.