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From someone who knows!First of all you need to question whether your perception of 'fat' and 'skinny' is correct. People with Anorexia (and other eating disorders) have an irrational (although seemingly very real) fear of being fat and gaining weight. It is common for someone with the anorexia to make the remark 'I'd rather be dead than be fat', and if someone you know makes this comment and has other indicators of an eating disorder urge them to seek help.

Anorexia is a very scary 'game', you think you are in control and can choose to stop at any point- that is until it is too late and you are fully in the grips of the illness. The illness provides a false sense of control, and if being skinny to the point of death seems ideal then you need to seek help. With (medically diagnosed) anorexia you wouldn't have a life, that isn't to say you wouldn't be living but you wont be able to partake in all that life has to offer like other ''normal'' people. When your BMI becomes dangerously low you become cognitively impaired, that is, you are physically unable to think clearly and your thoughts with be illogical and irrational. You may believe it is everyone else that has the problem, that you are fine, that there is nothing wrong and that it is your body, your choice, your life. But when you are at such a critical weight it the medical professions duty of care to step in and overrule what you are doing, trust me, years later you may feel differently and be pleased that someone took over and went against what you thought you wanted. I would have been dead several times by now if doctors had stoped me from starving to death, pulling me out of a state where my heart was barely beating, white blood cells had disappeared and my body was shutting down. I thought skinny was everything, but although I still have severe anorexia I now realize that whatever size I am I will be no more happy or unhappy than I am now. At their (and my) lowest weights anorexics will still think they have to lose that little bit more, seeing themselves as fat, believing happiness will come if the scales go down that little bit extra, it's not true- the scales may go down but the happiness doesn't follow, the goal just shifts. That is why is is wrong to starve yourself to death, when you are that close to death you are not capable of making life and death decisions, no matter how 'fine' you may think you are, other medical professionals must assume responsibiltiy.

New AnswerThe reason for this is, there are way worse things then death,trust me on this one!

Often anorexics will suffer & live long, if you starve yourself you may not die right away. But at first your body stops functioning properly. Even your speech goes funny, you're vision is blury, & you could live with this up to 8yrs. before you die,depending on the person & they're body! Is it really worth it? Anorexia is a physcologacol issue,not just a be skinny issue. Many people 'want to be anorexic' or think 'they are', when this is not true. As a recovering anorexic,i can honestly tell you, anorexics don't normally start out with intentions of dying! Its a disease that takes years to build up & come out. Its AWFULL, and more importantly, anorexia is defined often as an obssesion with not being fat,if you are obssesed with not being fat you will not have time to think about dying, to many young girls out there don't realize, i cant stress this enough, you cant just 'get anorexia' it doesnt work like that. People who just starve themselves don't have anorexia, anorexia is more complex, & if it were only about skipping meals & over exercising, i would have a WAY easier life. But the truth is its SOOO much more then that.

Die Skinny or Live Fat?When you starve yourself, the small quantity of food that you do consume turns into fat and is taken into your body. So basically every meal you eat will turn into fat if you are starving yourself. Eating small meals will make you lose weight.

Honestly. Starving yourself is a big deal because your food contains VERY important minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, iron and fats. ALL of which your body needs. For example, iron will stop you from becomming Anemic and undiagnosed Anemia that becomes severe can cause organ damage.

Minerals and Vitamins promote good bacteria in your body and keep your organs working properly and keep you healthy and prevent infections and illnesses setting in and making you poorly. The same applies to Carbohydrates and fats.

I know its difficult to imagine that food does all of this apart from make us gain weight, but it honestly does. Trust me ok? I starved myself a few years back, lost loads of weight but I also made myself very ill and I wasn't Anorexic. It was just normal starving of food and because I wasn't getting any of the ingredients I needed, I made myself very will and went into a coma, then when I woke up out of the coma I was ill for 7 months with various immunity problems due to infections and not eating the food. So please eat your food. Have small meals.

Here is more advice on this very important question:

  • Why does it have to be one or the other? Starving yourself is certainly unhealthy, but eating a reasonable and healthy diet will help you lose weight and keep you healthy. If you think your only option is to go anorexic, perhaps you just don't have enough self restraint to eat sensibly, keep yourself healthy and lose the weight.
  • If you excercise and stop eating junk food, you will lose weight. I think you are taking your self-image too seriously. Life isn't always about being pretty and skinny. Appreciate your body instead of trying to look like everyone else.
  • Look at this way: starving yourself is unsustainable and will make you unhappy. You won't be happy just because you're skinny. Eventually you will die unhappy. Choose to save your own life instead. Life will get easier as you get older, I promise.
AnswerI AM older and used to be anorexic/bulimic/whatever kept me from gaining weight. I think the problem for me was that doctors wouldn't take my weight GAIN seriously and help me find healthy ways to lose weight. Because it was so easy for me to gain weight, I ended up starving myself just so I wouldn't get huge.

However, exercise works better than changing anything about your diet for losing weight. The more you work out, the more you can eat without really even trying to burn it.

Also dying is exactly what you could end up doing. I almost killed myself and I ended up with a disease that makes me gain like, four dress sizes every time I eat something my body doesn't like. My doctor just handed me a four page list of things my body doesn't like. Not eating can cause swelling in your internal organs, irritable bowel syndrome, some forms of cancer, rotting teeth, thinning hair, etc.

So why be skinny if you have to look like the cryptkeeper?

I guess what I'm saying is: don't mess up tomorrow today.

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Q: Why is it wrong to starve yourself if you would rather die skinny than live fat?
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