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if plasma is so much better than why dont they make computer plasma monitors?

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Which monitors are better for a computer?

LCD monitors with high pixel densities are more suitable for computer usage than television screens which more commonly use Plasma or CRT screen technologies.

What problem has recycling computer monitors helped reduce?

Computer monitors, particularly older ones, contain lead and other heavy metals. Many are toxic and so recycling them is better than dumping them.

Do any computer monitors come guaranteed more than 2 years?

LG computer monitors come guaranteed more than 2 years

What are the benefits of a LCD PC monitor compared to the other types available?

LCD PC monitors, unlike plasma screen based monitors, do not suffer from burn in. They also are lower power than CRT monitors and have a smaller footprint. Prices are also lower than their plasma screened counterparts.

Where could a person buy refurbished computer monitors?

There are many websites on the internet where one could buy refurbished computer monitors. Buying refurbished computer monitors can help to reduce pollution throughout the world. It is also cheaper to buy refurbished computer monitors rather than buying brand new ones.

Are plasma tv recievers better than LCD?

No most people consider lcd tvs better than plasma tvs. Plasma tvs are harder to fix than lcd tvs. Lcd tvs also have a clearer picture than plasma tvs do.

How are lcd monitors better than other types of monitors?

LCD monitors are rumoured to be a far better monitor due to the color being much sharper, and the pixles having less of a straint on your eyes.

What is the difference between computer monitor and television monitor?

Computer monitors have higher resolution (more lines or pixels) than television monitors (screens or tubes). Computer monitors also have the ability to "address" (pinpoint and turn on/off or color) every pixel (single dot of color on the screen). Television monitors do not have that precision.

Is the iPod better than a computer?

No, the iPod is not better than a computer.

Is an lcd tv better than a plasma tv?

LCD TV's last longer than plasma TV's.

Is a plasma HD TV better to use than a regular plasma TV?

This depends on if you want to watch HD tv. OfCourse an HD plasma tv will be better than a regular plasma if your looking toward watching television in HD.

Does an LCD or a plasma screen monitor run hotter than the other?

Plasma screen monitors run much hotter than an LCD monitor, because they use technology based on light bulbs to run.

What makes a 55 inch LCD TV better than a plasma?

LCD TV screens weigh less and use less energy than plasma TV screens, but plasma has better picture and colors. LCD screens are thinner than plasma screens as well.

Are cheap plasma TVs better than lcd TVs?

"Depending on your preferences, the plasma might be a better buy for your needs. Plasma screens are known to have better viewing angles and obviously better price. The plasma screen has more of a ""cinema"" type look to it."

Do LCD monitors offer better picture quality than CRT monitors?

No, CRT monitors are still the best picture, but LCDs take up less room and energy.

Which uses more energy a plasma or an LCD monitor?

An LCD will have a generally lower energy requirement than a Plasma monitor. But Plasma monitors energy requirements change with the brightness. If something on the screen is dark, it will use less energy.

What is the difference between a plasma and LCD tv?

A plasma TV is better than a LCD TV. haha! :-)

How many types of computer monitors are there?

There are two types of computer monitors which are as follows:-CRT Monitor: Some computer monitors generate output with the help of cathode ray tubes. This type of device is called the CRT (or, cathode ray tube) monitor. Some computer users prefer this style because it offers a richly colored display and does not break easily. However, CRT monitors can be bulky and take up a lot of desk real estate, be very heavy to carry, and they require a lot of power to run properly. Moreover, the picture screen can distort, display a "flicker effect," or burn out over time.LCD Monitor: The newer types of display units are liquid crystal display monitors (or, the LCD monitor) and plasma screen monitors. LCD and plasma screen styles are much lighter than their older CRT counterparts. LCD models in particular require less power to run. However, these newer models can be more expensive than traditional computer monitors, and may be susceptible to screen pixel burnout. Fortunately, as plasma and LCD monitors become more popular, monitor repair options increase.TFT MONITOR:Short for thin film transistor, a type of LCD flat-panel display screen, in which each pixel is controlled by from one to four transistors. The TFT technology provides the best resolution of all the flat-panel techniques, but it is also the most expensive. TFT screens are sometimes called active-matrix LCDs.

Is the Computer Training in Houston better than in Detroit, MI?

Detroit computer training is better than Houston computer training

Why is hp better than dell?

HP makes really high-quality printers, scanners, monitors, and desktops. Dell is a lot better in laptops (HP is terrible in that area), but is also good with desktops. Dell has more computer accessories, and is better with routers.

Is a plasma or LCD TV better for use as a computer monitor and what are the pro and cons?

Most current plasma and LCD TVs can be used as monitors and many people do use it as such - especially for kiosks and signage. The drawback is typically lower resolution for these types of applications. You pay alot of money for these big displays and a 720p display is much cheaper than a 1080p. Pros - you get to watch TV. Plasma displays have had a richer picture quality for movies - something that probably does not mater for computer use. Cons - Much more expensive at higher resolutions. Mounting options are more expensive with large TVs

What is the difference between Plasma vs Lcd?

The difference between plasma and lcd televisions is that plasma televisions have better colors. However, lcd televisions last longer than plasma.

Is a mount for my plasma television better than a stand?

Yes, a mount for a plasma television is better than a stand. A stand can be knocked over and such, whereas a mounted is placed on a wall and is convenient and easy to handle.

Is CRT monitors better or LCD?

In my opinion, the LCD definitely is better than the CRT, based on the simple fact of clarity and color. While CRT is less expensive than an LCD, it also causes increased eyestrain when viewing a computer screen for a long period of time.

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