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the length is important because the length is one of basic measurement that we needed to use. so we are able to give an importance unto this measurement like length.
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What is length?

Mathematics uses the term lenght to name the measure ofone-dimensional objects the linear extent in space from one end to the other; the longestdimension of something that i

What is more important when buying yarn the length or the weight?

When following a knitting or crochet pattern, the weight of the yarn is the most important part or your project. The weight of the yarn and needles used will determine your ga

Does penis length is important to get pregnant?

Yes it is so important if you have a tiny dinky your lady will be unable to drop an egg and then have your baby so if you have a tiny dinky you should comsider surgimical opti

Why is password length important?

As the length of the password increases, the amount of time it takes to find it through brute force increases exponentially.

Is it important for the length of a swimming pool to be accurate?

Yes. There are two important reasons why this is the case. 1) Maintenance (includes cleaning, hygiene, etc). This involves the addition of chemicals to the water so an accurat

What is the length of did?

The word "did" is three letters long.

Why is it important to take into account the cable length of a circuit breaker?

Because of resistance drop; if the cable is too long, you could be drawing additional amperage because of line loss (inductive load), or losing excessive power in the cable. A
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Is length important for bone strength?

Length is very important for bone strength because the longer thebone, the weaker the bone, and the shorter it is, the stronger itwill be.