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Q: Why is licensing of teachers important?
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Do teachers have an age requirement?

Not really. More importantly, there are education and licensing requirements.

Reasons why doctors are more important than teachers?

Because teachers teach you the important things in life...and doctors know whats important for life.......

Why it's important to give training to teachers?

The importance of teachers traning

What training is required to become a substitute teacher?

Substitute teachers must pass the same state licensing teacher exams as full time teachers. Each state is different so check with your state's board of education.

What is important to get an licensing in healthcare delivery?

Licensing protects the consumer by ensuring that all regulations have been met. Also, it protects the consumer by ensuring that a certain level of competence and consistency is being maintained. Without licensing, there would be mayhem.

Why are teachers important in your lives?

Teachers are important to us because they help us to places in the world. For example, a radio presenter didn't get there all by themselves. Teachers are important to us because they teach us stuff so we get good marks on important exams EG. GCSES are really important because they help us get a good job

Why is it important to read the licensing information that comes with clip art that you purchase?

If you use the clip art for something outside the terms of the licensing agreement, you can be sued for thousands of dollars.

Why is the knowledge of growth and development is important for teachers?


What are grants for teachers who need the money?

Grants for teachers are called educational grants. Teachers can apply for them to assist in their road to inspire and teach others. It is an important grant.

Are teachers important than doctors?

no of cource not doctors are way more important they save lives ok yeah teachers are responible for you education so you have a better life but come on what would you rather have an education or be dead think about it.................... If there were no doctors, then all the teachers would get sick and possibly die. Actually if there were no teachers there would be no doctors so no they are actually both are important

Where can you find more information pertaining to preschool teachers jobs?

More information pertaining to preschool teachers jobs is available at preschools themselves, college and university level preschool teacher certification programs and the licensing angeny in various state and county governments.

Who grants licenses to doctors lawyers and teachers?

Professionals are licensed by various licensing board. For example, a lawyer in California would be licensed by the California Bar Organization. A nurse in Georgia would be licensed by the Georgia Board of Nursing.