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The importance of teachers traning

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Q: Why it's important to give training to teachers?
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Why is philosophy of education important in teachers training?

When the teacher not knowing how to teach.

When was Vidyasagar Teachers' Training College created?

Vidyasagar Teachers' Training College was created in 1968.

Why are Brazil's rain forests important to whole world?

the rain forests important because of oxygen [the teachers will give you A+

Why is respecting your teachers important?

because they are there to help you and teach you. if you respect them they will give you the respect you deserve...

What has the author Orvill E Ault written?

Orvill E. Ault has written: 'The maverick' 'The training of special teachers' -- subject(s): Training of, Teachers, Special education teachers

What has the author George Ridding written?

George Ridding has written: 'Examination in theory v. normal schools as the training for teachers' -- subject(s): In-service training, Training of, Teachers

What has the author Homer Eber Cooper written?

Homer Eber Cooper has written: 'Cost of training teachers' -- subject(s): Teachers, Training

What about school?

School is about learning and studying the wok the teachers gave. School is very important to the students because it helps them learn and know good habits. The teachers give homework to the student. They give homework because will they know how to be responsible. School is very important.

How is the acronym TDA used in respect to teachers?

TDA stands for "Training and Development Agency for Schools". It is used and responsible for initial and in-service training of teachers.

What has the author Celeste Kinginger written?

Celeste Kinginger has written: 'Beyond TA training' -- subject(s): Training of, Language teachers, Teachers' assistants

What has the author R A Dickie written?

R. A. Dickie has written: 'The education and training of teachers in Afghanistan' -- subject(s): Education, Statistics, Teachers, Training of

What has the author Margaret Lindsey written?

Margaret Lindsey has written: 'Training teachers of the gifted and talented' -- subject(s): Teachers of gifted children, Training of

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