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because love is the key to friendship and friendship make lifetime romance


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it is very important because it shows your husbend how much you love him

ANSWER:The only person that can answer you, is him your husband. What you must do is make time to talk to him and this is very important if you want your marriage to work..

It's a symbol of love between the new husband and wife.

Love is important between the husband and the wife because along with love comes respect for each other so you should know when you no longer love someone because the respect that you had for them is lost along with the love.

To make your husband love you means you have to love yourself first.

yes she did love her husband she wa smadly in love with him.

That is the only way for a woman to control her fertility if she wants to have a love life with her husband/boyfriend.

Yes. IT is normal for a cat to love your husband

Well first you should marry your husband for love in the first place.

your husband your love = votre mari votre amour

love,hate,perfect womanlove pets, love her husband, never will cheat on her husband

'I love you, my husband' in Spanish is Te amo, mi marido.

ik hou van mijn echtgenoot. It is the translation for I love you my husband.

Yes sure, Love is the foundation of marriage. So your husband should be engulf in love with you.

A fu'm di'm na anya = I love my husband A furu'm gi na anya = I love you

Go kill yourself. You don't love your husband because if you love him you wouldn't fell in love with another man.

Why does any woman have a husband? Love, companionship, a sounding-board for life's little dilemmas. Oh, and the important matter in this case of providing at least one legitimate heir.

Well that one is normal cause as his wife, you've love(d) him but the question is... does he still love you?

Yes, her husband was an important figure in his own right.

Yes, love is important because,if you don't have a husband or wife you would be lonely.When you grow up and you are not married you are going to be lonely and not going to be happy with that, it's better to have someone on your side than no one on your side.

Emotions and express shows that your husband love you.

When your husband falls out of love, he'll be more distant and he'll give bad or NO sex.

"I love my husband!" in English is Amo mio marito! in Italian.

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