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I would say in love is stronger then love.

I would rather someone say "I am in Love with you" then I love you"

Gives me more piloerections (goosebumps)


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What's stronger than Lord Voldemort is LOVE. People who can love are stronger, and Voldemort's lack of love is the reason he falls.

Stronger Than Love - 1915 was released on: USA: 12 August 1915

yes, definitely a mans love is stronger than a womans. its why men will go out of their way to do silly things for women.

"A love that was more than love" means a stronger love than other

i love avatar i think Karara is stronger so no

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I love Randy Orton more than the rock, but I think and lots of people think that the rock is stronger than randy.

It is that love is stronger than any gift

If he tells you, his feelings are stronger than his words!

His feelings are stronger than his words!

Siimply put, that love will continue after death, or that love is stronger than death.

HATRED. When once it occupies the mind everything including Love seems to be trash.

Love is stronger than a cellular signal.

Love is always stronger than hate. Hatred is a negative emotion that uses a lot of energy and worry. Love is a positive emotion that gives out energy and grows the more you use it. The more you love, the more you can love and the deeper you can love. The more you hate, the worse you feel.

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It means you're a compassionate, loving person. Dogs have stronger senses than humans, and your scent tells them if you love them.

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The correct grammar is "stronger than I".When in doubt, finish the sentence. You would say, "He is stronger than I am." Therefore, you can say, "He is stronger than I", even though it may sound odd because we are not used to hearing the correct grammar.

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Yes. Actually... a diamond is NOT 'stronger' than steel. A diamond is 'harder' than steel, but it is not stronger.

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