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i say that they are not dangerous i say that ms-13 are just punks

Added: While the answer above may be true, the fact remains that ANY organized group which engages in criminal activity is a concern to society. It gathers a coordinated group together with the main reason for their existence being the intimidation, extortion, engaging in illegal activities and the robbery of other people and organizations. . . in other words, the illegal disruption of society.

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What is the most dangerous gang in California?


Is ms13 in Ohio?

MS13 members have migrated all over from California. However, they may not broadcast themselves as MS13 in their new surroundings- MS13 are one of the sets which comprise the Sureños, and when members of various Sureños sets migrate and congregate, they tend to form new gangs and sets.

What is the baddest gang in the us?

ms13 or bloods

What is the worlds biggest crime syndicate?


Deadliest gangs in the world?

Mara Salvatrucha MS13

Which gang is the deadliest gang in the Los Angeles County?

MS13 ===========================================================================================================================

What counties in PA are the ms13 gang found in?

Hermitage PA

Why tattoo 13?

if the subject is latino, it may be gang ink for MS13.

Who are Satan disciples enemies?

latin kings , ms13 , los zetas

What gang is the most violent in Los Angeles?

The Ms13 Bloods and crips

What gang uses the tragedy masks as tattoo?

MS13 - Mara Salvatrucha

Whats the most ruthless gang in the world?

ms13 is the most ruthless gang in the world!

What is the most deadly gang in the world?

the world most dealy gang is MS13 OR 16.

What is the meaning of a devil horns tattoo?

from personal experience...if on a person of Mexican origin, MS13...or on a white = white devil

Is it true the ms13 initiation is hitting peoples cars and shooting them when they get out of the car?

No,but you get beat by other members for like 30 seconds.

What was Tom Sawyer's gang in the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

I'm pretty sure they were Eastside Crips or maybe MS13

Why did ms13 choose to be so violent?

Because many if it's members grew up in El Salvador during a very violent civil war.

What does ms13 stand for?

ms13 stand 4 mara salvatrucha

Are ms13 a Los Angeles gang?

MS-13 is a gang that started in Los Angeles. It is estimated that there are 70,000 members. Most of the gang is originally from Central America.

What are the worst gangs in Mexico?

ms13 is the craziest gang in Mexico. and the USA. in Mexico these a little ms13s but in Illinois these non. they live in Mexico because most of them are Mexicans

What gangs are in Fort Worth Texas?

Latin kings , bloods ,crips,fms13,vns13,15st ws6st, tango blast,evil mafia,es13,vc,vri13,ms13,

What is the largest gang in Austin Texas?

Bloods in north/central Austin. Crips in the east. Bandidos MC in the far west / Jonestown. MS13 southeast. Nortenas far southeast.

Where does MS13 come from?

Th gang originated in Los Angeles and set up as an El Salvadorian gang. They are now located in mostly Central America, the US, and Europe. See the Related Link. Most come from El Salvador. This gang originated in Los Angeles and is now widespread accross statewide in the USA and other countries like Canada. They are very dangerous and should not be approached or provoked for any reason.

Which gangs wear black rags?

MS13, Some Surenos sets, Gangster Disciples, Some Crip Sets, Some Deuce Sets, the black bandana is primarily a blue gang thing.

What is more deadly avalanches or earthquakes?

Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.Earthquakes are more dangerous.

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