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Normal Form Deoxys has the 2nd highest attack out of the Deoxys' because Normal is the most balanced.

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Q: Why is my Deoxys' Attack is so high in Normal Form?
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How do you use the Aurora Ticket and where does it take you?

The Aurora ticket takes you to birth island were deoxys is and you give the ticket to the boat. You have to do something with the triangle, I think you have to press A to the triangle with the shortest amount of steps. After a few of those, I think the triangle will shatter. Fire Red: Deoxys will appear in the Attack Form, with high Attack and Special Attack, but horrible defenses. Leaf green: Deoxys will appear in the Defense Form, with high Defense and Special Defense, but horrible attacks.

What form does Deoxys take when it is in Diamond Version?

It can be any form. You just need to go to Vielstone city and touch a meteorite Don't get attack, his defence is SUPER low Defence has super suckish attack, Normal, it's just regular I suggest you get Speed, its defence goes high if you raise it a couple levels, and so does attack, and everything else

Which Pokemon has the biggest defense?

shuckel #213 of the national dex the down side is it has hardly has any attack power if you want one with good defence AND attack you probably want deoxys in defence form it doesent hve as high defence but it has some attack force

What are the stats of a level 100 attack Deoxys?

One thing is that all the stats are very high & powerful.----Devon Allen Jones

Who is best Charizard Blastoise or venusaur?

blastoise is both mediocre offensive and high defensive, but rather slow. low hp charizard is the glass cannon. high attack, special attack and speed. but low defences. normal hp venusaur is a special guy. (literally) lower than average speed. normal attack, high special attack. normal defenses, and high hp.

Which Pokemon has the highest attack?

I think it is machamp because my machoke has 80 attack when all its other stats were in the 30s and it was quite a low level so machamp should have a REALLY high attack deoxys attack form obviously, but non legendary is ramparados with 165 base attack. an ev/iv/nature/characteristic picked ramparados can have an attack of 471 How about Garchomp no that has 130 base for more info go to bulbapedia

Is there a way to battle a elite four without getting your pokemon attacked?

yep, you can just make sure your pokemons are faster and will kill the other pokemon in one shot. A good pokemon is deoxys it is fast and has high attack and special attack and can learn a lot of different moves.

What is krabbys evolved form?

Kingler. A very good pokemon from my opinion, it has very high attack and nice defense :)

What is the best party for Pokemon Black and White?

okay,here it is... blissy reason-it has an extremely high health,and a decent defence. shuckle reason-it has the highest defence in Pokemon games. deoxys(speed) reason-it has the highest speed. deoxys(attack) reason-it has the highest attack/special in the games arceus(splash plate) reason-it is the god of all Pokemon,like seriously?why wouldn't you? and finally pidgeot reason-its a classic,and you need a flying Pokemon.

How do you play south park prelude to tokugawa?

you use the a, s keys for a high attack z, x for normal and the arrow keys to move

What is a heart attack in short form?

The medical term for heart attack is myocardial infarction. This is when for one reason or another the heart fails to pump normal and eventually stops. A heart attack usually occurs when someone has heart disease, has a heart block or some other contributing factors such as high cholesterol, poor diet, or smoking. These all contribute to causing heart blockages which are the most common causes of a heart attack.

What is the Pokemon with best stat atack?

The Pokemon with the Highest Base Attack Stat is Attack Deoxys, followed by Rampardos, then Slaking. Rayquaza has a high att and sp att too (both can go up to 438) but if you're talking NON-LEGENDARIES you may want to also check out salamence (third ev of Bagon)

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