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If your dog is not eating a lot it may be due to it having bad appetite. The causes of it not eating a lot may be that it is ill, unfamiliar surrounding, it was recently vaccinated or there is some pickiness or behavior issues.

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Q: Why is my dog not eating a lot?
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What does it mean if your dog eats a lot?

If a dog eats a lot it could mean the dog is experiencing a growth. If the dog is fully grown and is eating a lot more than normal, the dog could have worms and need medication.

What happens if you eat a dog?

>.< nothing.... its just like eating any other type of meat but eating dog isn't normal in a lot of countries

Will eating nuts hurt a dog?

no but you should not they do po a lot if you feed em it

Why is your dog eating so much grass then vomiting it up?

dogs eat grass because it contains a lot of water if your dog is eating grass it means they are dehydrated.

How do you know if a dog is going to have a baby?

if she has been eating a lot lately and acting weird

Is eating moss dangerous to your dog?

No, they eat a lot of vegetation when they are having stomach issues.

Your dog loosing weight and pooping a lot?

Dog poops immediately after eating and is loosing weight, can see bones ribs etc.

Dog is sleeping lot and not eating?

Might be stress, old age, a lot of factors contribute to these things...Try consulting your vet.

Can your dog get sick by eating tomatoes?

No. However, it is unwise to feed your dog a lot of tomatoes. They won't get sick off a little bit though

Do basset hounds drool a lot?

Basset Hounds indeed slobber and drool a lot, especially after drinking or eating treats or dog food.

Why would a dog not eat and throw up a lot?

It might not be eating and throw up because of hunger

What body parts do the dog use for eating?

dog use their hands for eating

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