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It is probably a short circuit. Check all the wiring and make sure that your master power is plugged into the outlet completely.

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Q: Why is my samsung tv turning on and off and back on?
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Does a tv use more power if it's left on for an hour or if it's turned off and then back on?

Less power if turned off then turned back on; however, the shock of turning on a cold TV is what wears it out, so the fewer times you do that, the longer it should last, in theory.

Is there a digital tuner in Samsung TV model ln-s2351w - can the TV receive off-air digital signal currently?

There is a digital tuner in the Samsung model. It is also possible for the TV to receive off air digital signals.

I heard Samsung has had a ton of TV problems should I exchange mine which i bought a month back?

If your Samsung television is not faulty and operates as you expect it to, then you have no reason to exchange it.

I bought brand new Samsung UN46D6900W but how can Samsung not include 3D glasses with a TV that is expensive like 1500. Did I get ripped off?

No, you didn't get ripped off. Samsung make it clear what is included with their televisions. Although Samsung 3D televisions can work out to be expensive, they are also among the best models available. If you want cheaper 3D with cheap glasses, consider LG but remember that LG televisions operate at just 540 line resolution rather than 1080 for Samsung models.

Where to go when the Samsung tv lamp is broken?

If there is still warranty on the device, then contact either the retailer, or Samsung directly for a replacement. If the warranty already wore off, there are licensed Samsung-technicians who can repair your device.

Where can someone purchase a Samsung LED LCD TV?

There are several places that a Samsung LED LCD TV could be purchased. Where you decide to purchase it depends on whether or not you wish to buy it on or off line. Online options would include Amazon or direct from Samsung. Off line choices would be your local electrical outlet.

How can one get support if one is having problems with one's Samsung DLP TV?

The first place you can go to if you're having problems with a Samsung DLP TV is to go the Samsung site. If that doesn't help, you can take the TV back to the retailer you bought it from, they should be able to help.

Can never turning off tv be harmful?

Never turning off the television can have many negative effects. Firstly it runs up your electric bill and can burn out your television. Secondly, too much television is harmful to kids, it causes laziness.

Why does my lcd tv keep turning off?

Because its getting too hot

Why doese your NEC 1760V monitor keeps turning off?

get a new tv

How do you turn off the swearing in mw3 without turning off the blood?

you can't you noob just turn off the sound on your tv

When is the TV Show 24 coming Back in 2011?

No its not, from my understanding they are turning it into a movie.