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Neil was brave because he was not afraid to go to the moon and make the first step on the moon!

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What are some characteristics of neil Armstrong?

Neil Armstrong is very brave, adventurous, smart and is a hero.

What did Neil Armstrong do that was brave?

Neil Armstrong was an astronaut and the first human to walk / step foot on the moon.

What character traits did neil Armstrong have?

risk taker, brave, courageous , calm, patient these are the things neil armstrong is mostly remembered of :)

How is Neil Armstrong brave?

He was the first man to step on the moon. One needs to be brave to do so.

Was Neil Armstrong scared about going to the moon?

neil armstrong was a very strong and brave big man and he was willing to go to the moon for several years

Why is neil Armstrong brave?

You can't answer a question like that he just is, and that's the truth.

Was Neil Armstrong the bravest of all astronauts?

No we cannot say that as all astronauts have to be brave.

What word would you to describe Neil Armstrong?

Brave. Heroic. Inspiring. Humble.

Was Neil Armstrong a Christian?

Neil Armstrong was a protestant.

How many siblings did Neil Armstrong have?

neil armstrong had 100000000000000000000000000000 children -signed by neil armstrong

Did Neil Armstrong have a brother?

Neil Armstrong did have a brother, Dean Armstrong.

What are the struggles that neil Armstrong had?

struggles that neil armstrong had?

Was Neil Armstrong a spy?

No, Neil Armstrong was an astronaut.

Why did neil Armstrong do what he did?

He did what he did because he was smart Neil was a determined brave young man. He reached the rank of Eagle Scout which only a small percentage of scouts earn.

Was neil Armstrong's voyage a success?

niel armstrong was a brave and couragous man that ,and yes his voyage was an absolute sucess

Is Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong brothers?

No. Neil and Lance Armstrong are not related.

Is Neil Armstrong Louis Armstrong's brother?

No, Neil Armstrong and Louis Armstrong were not related.No. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon but Louis Armstrong was a famous musician.

Is Neil Armstrong rich?

Neil Armstrong was probably rich.

Is Neil Armstrong from Texas?

No, Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio.

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