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because if you eat it, you will die

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Q: Why is nuclear waste dangerous?
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Is nuclear waste dangerous?


What do nuclear power stations produce very little of that are dangerous?

Nuclear waste.

What is a disadvantage of nuclear energy?

it produces dangerous waste

Which is a disadvantage of nuclear energy?

It produces dangerous waste.

Disadvantages of nuclear power?

The waste is very powerful/dangerous

Will nuclear waste be dangerous to future generations?

Absolutely ! Nuclear waste takes hundreds - perhaps thousands of years to decay. Many generations of people to come will have to manage the storage and disposal of nuclear waste.

How is holding nuclear waste good for the coomunity?

The government and companies will pay states and cities money for using their land for storage of nuclear waste. Nuclear waste can be dangerous, but when stored safely it is no danger. Nuclear waste is produced by nuclear power plants, which produce large amounts of cheap electricity.

What is the most dangerous water pollution?

Nuclear waste, but depends on what you mean...

What is the disadvantage of Nuclear energy?

the fuel and the waste products of nuclear reactions are very dangerous to living organisms

What two problems are associated with nuclear power?

Nuclear power produces nuclear waste, which can be dangerous. Nuclear power can also be used to produce material for nuclear weapons.

Nuclear energy is a useful source of power but has its disadvantages what is a disadvantage of nuclear energy?

it produces dangerous waste. apex

What kind of pollutions does nuclear energy cause?

the dangerous waste is a way of pollution.

How long is nuclear waste dangerous?

We're talking thousands of years here.

Is the radioactive waste from nuclear power plants dangerous?

It contains a higher amount of radioactivity

How dangerous is the threat of Water contamination from Nuclear waste?

If you put nuclear waste in a situation where groundwater can flow over it on the way to a water course, you will obviously get contamination. Nuclear waste stores have to be very carefully considered to find locations that are safe from water access.

What solutions are there for the problems associated with nuclear waste?

The problem is that it has radioactive waste and that's dangerous, and it has to be buried so it doesn't affect the environment.

What are the effects of nuclear waste?

Nuclear waste is good.

Where does nuclear waste come from How dangerous is it can it kill you?

it kills us by getting into our body by breathing it in and it can kill us by this.

Is e waste worse than nuclear waste?

nuclear waste is worst

What is one negative impact that using nuclear energy is?

nuclear waste pollutes the environment.and if we use radioactive elements like uranium to generate nuclear energy then some waste will also get generated as the by product of the reaction and these waste are highly radioactive,dangerous to us and the environment and the last but not the least the radioactive waste will remain on earth for thousands of year

Is there nuclear waste in space?

Yes, there is nuclear waste in space.

What waste is produced from nuclear power stations?

nuclear waste

How do we dispose of nuclear waste?

The Radioactive Waste Management helps in the disposal of the nuclear waste. The nuclear power optimizer helps in the disposal of the nuclear waste by making use of the modern technology.

How can nuclear energy cause pollution?

Althoguh nuclear energy creates no direct pollution, such as greenhouse gases, it does produce 'Nuclear Waste' a material, that gives off nuclear radiation (alpha, beta, and gamma). This waste is only dangerous until it has decayed to a stable material, at which point, it's harmless

What is the purpose for nuclear waste?

Nuclear waste is an unfortunate by-product of the process of nuclear fission for the purpose of energy production. The spent fuel rods are "safely" stored and sequestered, but will remain dangerous for thousands of years. As far as I know, there is no "purpose" for nuclear waste, other than to convince people that they do not want a power plant in their backyard. The theoretically possible process of nuclear fusion (which is how the sun works) would produce less radioactive material and waste.