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Organic food is not bad for you.

Only non organic food is because non organic is produced with harmful chemicals.

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Q: Why is organic food bad for you?
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Is organic food bad for us?

No. Organic food is just as good for us and non-organic food.

Is non organic food really that bad for you?

Non-organic food is not usually that bad for you unless it is junk food or contains unhealthy additives and preservatives,

Is non-organic food really that bad for you?

Organic food does not have pesticides so that makes it healthier.

What are the bad things about organic food?

Organic food is expensive and people with low income cannot afford it. Also Organic food has the same taste as inorganic food.

Is non-organic food good for you?

Non-organic food is not necessarily bad for you, though it can contain GMOs, preservatives, artificial food colorings, and other additives that are bad for you.

Is there a website where you can view the good and bad sides of organic and non-organic food next to each other?

Maybe but i have written a piece on that and here it is i hope it is of good use 1. Organic food is the best type of food for many reasons. The food does not have as many pesticides as non-organic food this means that it is less harmful for humans, plants and animals. Also two of the pesticides that are used are natural pesticides. Organic food tastes much better than non-organic foods. Organic foods use pesticides on only one crop. However Non-organic foods use pesticides on all of their crops. Organic foods are looked after much better as they have to be grown in a certain way. Also more people are employed to look after the crops and animals. The organic crops are assessed to see if they are okay to be organic; however the non-organic crops are not and are just sold without checking. Organic food is 'natural' this is because it does not include as many chemicals or pesticides. Organic food is a lot more expensive than Non-organic foods. It also does not last as long because it has not got any preservatives in them. This is bad because you would have to through the food earlier than Non- organic food. The products have to go very far before they reach the stores so this would be bad for global warming as it is creating pollution for every lorry to deliver the organic foods to the stores. Organic food is also 20% less productive than Non-organic food.

Does organic food not last as long as non organic food?

Unless non-organic food contains preservatives, organic food should last as long as non-organic.

From where you get organic food?

You can get Organic Foods from stores that supply Organic Food or a local Organic farm.

Can organic food be genetically modified?

If it is genetically modified then it is not an organic food. Organic food is naturally grown.

What can organic do for your health?

it dont have as many calories carbohydrates or anything nearly as much as normal food plus organic food is just plain better than original food that has all of those carbohydrates and junk that is bad for you and your body in them.

Why is organic food organic?

Organic food is organic because it was grown without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, if the organic food is processed, it does not have additives and preservatives that are not organic. It is non-GMO.

What is the difference of how a dog digests organic dog food and regular dog food?

There is no difference both of them are bad for a dog. A dog's proper diet is of raw food.

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