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Why is pig skin used to make basketballs?

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because you cant bounce the ball unless it is made of pig skin because you cant bounce the ball unless it is made of pig skin

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Are basketballs made from elephant skin?

NO its made out of pig or cow skin

What hog product is used to make gloves?

Pig Skin

Is pigs skin good quality?

Pig skin is commonly used to make American footballs. It is so common that a football is often called a pig skin. Pig skin can be used for other products as it quite durable. The quality of the pig skin product (boots, furniture etc.) depends entirley on the process used to prepare the hide.

What is pigs skin mainly used for?

Pig skin is mainly used to make leather. This leather is used to make shoes, belts, work gloves, handbags, saddle seats, and many more items. Contrary to popular belief, modern footballs are made from cowhide rather than pig skin. Another popular use for pig skin is pork rinds (a snack), and pork rinds are widely used as an ingredient in sausage.

What is pig skin usually used for?

Back in the day it was used for soap. That is why a lot of people did not bathe regularly. Because pig skin soap was not that good for your skin.

What is pig skin used for?


What are today's basketballs made from?

they are made from pig skins..thats where they get their unusual color.

What does pig skin mean and where is it from?

Pig skin is the skin of a pig. It can be made into leather objects.

What type of animal is used to make gelatin?

Primarily Pork and Cattle bones, Bovine heads and Pig Skin.

What does the Filipinos in Cebu use to make crispy pig What ingredient do they put on the pig skin to make it crispy?

Probably salt.

Do they use pig intestines to make sausages?

Traditionally the intestines are used as sausage skins. However it is mostly synthetic skin used these days.

What is the best use of pig skin?

You can cook it or make clothes out of it.

What is pigskin?

Answera pigskin The skin of a pig. Leather made from the skin of a pig. Sports A football. Informal A saddle.AnswerA pig skn is the skin of a pig Yeah da the skin of a pig!AnswerA nickname given for a footballY

What is a pig loin?

Meat from a pig used to make Steak

What do they use for skin on sausages?

the skin is make from intestines and the inside meat is made from pig fat and meat

Why is pig skin like human skin?

Answer"Pig" DNA is most similar to Human DNA..No one knows WHY?Pig skin is similar to human skin in terms of color, hair follicles,and subcutaneous fat. That's all I know... and pig skin is thin human skin is thicker so pig skin isn't that much like human skin

What can you compare skin with?

Pig skin

Can you feed your guinea pig watermelon skin?

You can feed you guinea pig watermelon skin.

Why is their pig oil in foundation?

pig pee creamed pig skin

Are Mentos haram?

well you see i have checked to see if mentos are haram but its says it has no gelatin (used to make things thicker made from pig skin)

Do they use pigs to make leather skirt?

Pig leather is very nice and durable and it is possible to be used for making garments as well. Leather is processed animal skin. That is why there is goat skin leather, cow hide, lamb skin leather, ostrich leather... All you have to do is ask what type of leather is used to make a product.

Who invented the pig-skin football?

bob Jones invented the pig skin football.

What is the outer covering of a pig?

The skin of a pig is the outer covering. It is similar to the skin of the human and as sensitive.

Do hand oils burn guinea pig skin?

no, the oils from your skin will not harm your guinea pig.

What is pig leather?

leather made from pig skin

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