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Plankton is a regular meal for different types of fish, and without plankton many fish would die.

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Why are plankton so important to the fishing industry?

a plankton's main purpose in life is to steal a hamburger

Why is lake Clark so important?

It is important to the salmon fishing Industry

Why is plankton so important to the fishing industy?

Its all part of the food chain. As the lowest level, plankton supply the basic needs of the ocean. Phytoplankton is integral for producing oxygen, and also serves as food for larger animals. Simply put, plankton are the metal bars supporting the tall building, and the industry is the building; without plankton, the industry would take severe hits and economically would be unable to support itself.

Why is plankton so important to the fishing industry?

Because pretty much all fish eat plankton, the more fish eat, the heavier they become and the more healthy they become. this is good because the healthier and heavier the fish are when they are caught, the more money the men get who caught the fish get.

Is fishing one of the main income sources in Ireland?

Ireland is an island, so fishing is important as an industry in Ireland. It might not really be one of the main income sources, but it is an important one.

What kind of economy did the Connecticut colony have?

The Connecticut colony had fertile soil, so the farming industry was very important. The closeness of the coastline also helped their fishing and whaling industry.

Why are plankton so important?

its important for the food chain and other living things

Why was fishing an important colony industry for Maryland?

because in the spring the regular crops are still growing and the animals are still coming out so all they have is fish.

Is fishing the main industry in Austria?

in Austria most people say that there is but Anstria is not for fishing well is not ! SO THE ANSWER IS NO NO NO NO NO there is NO fishing in this place now live with it Jesus. JK i mean NO

Is fishing a major industry of Texas?

no...i wouldn't think so...unless ur on the coast

Do people go fishing in Ireland?

Yes. Fishing is popular in Ireland, both for fun and for earning a living. Ireland is an island so it has a fishing industry and it also has lots of rivers and lakes.

Why are the tiny plankton so important to the marine ecosystem?

They are important because they are the primary food source of many marine animals.

What are examples of a primary industry jobs?

Primary industry jobs include agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining. So farmer, fisherman, and miner would all be primary industry jobs.

Does Illinois have a major fishing industry?

Illinois used to have a big fresh water fishing industry in Meredosia, Illinois in 1976 but pelicans kept coming and flying away with a couple of pounds of fish in their beaks this kept on happening and soon most of the fish had been eaten so that industry cam to an end. therefore currently there is no fishing industries in Illinois.

What is the main industry of Australia?

Their main industrie is fishing because there is so many lakes and rivers in Australia.

How many slaves work in the fishing industry?

In the modern day, slavery is universally illegal, so none.

What crops were grown in Massachusetts?

They had poor soil so they were subsistence farmers producing enough food for their own needs. They grew wheat, barley and oats. The seaports were important and so was shipbuilding and fishing/whaling. The timber industry was also important and the people traded with the Natives as well.

Why its important for an industry analysis to appear early in a business plan?

The positioning of industry analysis is important: it is not so important that the analysis appear 'early' in a bp.

Does plankton grow in fish tanks?

no. Only if you buy a kit of Plankton and set it up then yes Plankton will reproduce, but Plankton isn't so good as Phyto-plankton

Why is fishing so important to the Norway economy?

Fishing is so important to Norway's economy because seafood is their second-largest export. Fish are abundant in Norwegian waters, making them a great source of income for the country.

Why was the cattle industry so important in the 1800s?

The cattle industry was so important in the 1800s because of the growing population in the US. Railroads helped deliver the meat for a cheaper price.

Why was the 'Bronze Age' so important to the sewing industry?

There was no "industry" during the bronze age...

Why was fishing in the Maritimes and British Columbia so important in the 1900s?

It is still very important today as fishing is one of the largest wealth generators for Maritime Provinces and provinces with large lakes. Wars are fought over fishing rights, even today.

How did vegetation affect the way people live in Northern Europe?

Because Northern Europe is so cold, vegetation isn't the most important form of acquiring food. Instead, the fishing industry is essential to Northern Europe.

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