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Some plastic are good insulator's, such as Polystyrene ( Styrofoam). It should also be a good thermal conductivity.

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Is plastic an insulator or conductor?

Plastic is a good insulator of both heat and electricity - they dont easily flow through it.

Why are plugs made out of plastic?

Because plastic is a good insulator from heat & electricity.

A good insulator?

A good insulator for electricity would be plastic, rubber, glass and ceramic. Hope this helps!

A good insulator of electricity?

Rubber, plastic, ceramic and glass.

Why copper electrical wires need to be wrapped in plastic?

as plastic is a good insulator of electricity.

A good insulator for electricity?

the best insulator is plastic. a better insulator is rubber which is used for wires and other electrical lines

Why are the plug sockets covers made of plastic?

Because plastic is a good insulator from heat & electricity.

Is foam a good conducter of heat?

No. plastic foam is a good insulator - not a conductor of heat or electricity.

Is plastic a good insulator of electricity?

Most plastics are good insulators, i.e. very bad conductors.

Is plastic conductor or insulator?

plastic is an insulator it is a very good insulator in fact

Is plastic a better insulator than metal?

Yes. Plastic is a better insulator of both heat and electricity.

Is a plastic ruler a conductor of electricity?

Plastic is generally used as an insulator. A plastic ruler would not be a conductor of electricity.

Is plastic an insulator?

yes plastic is very good insulator

What materials make a good insulator?

Usually nonmetals. Rubber, plastic, wood, cloth, paper, Styrofoam, tinfoil (to reflect the heat.)The most common insulator for electricity is plastic.

What is meant by good conductor?

Copper wire is a good conductor of electricity, while plastic is a good insulator (non conductor).

Can electricity travel through plastic?

Plastic is an insulator, therefore it cannot

Is plastic foam a good conductor or a good insulator?

Plastic foam is a good insulator. It doesn't absorb the heat so it's a good insulator.

Is bronze a good insulator of electricity?

No it is not an insulator. Bronze is actually a rather good conductor of electricity.

Is plastic a good electrical conductor or insulator?

Plastic in its many forms is a good electrical insulator.

Why is a plastic cup a bad insulator?

A plastic cup is a bad insulator because it doesn't allow electricity to pass through.

Why is plastic know as bad conductor of heat?

Actually, plastic is not a bad conductor of heat and electricity, it's an insulator. An insulator is a substance that resists the flow of heat or electricity through it and plastic resists both of these.

What would an example of a good insulator of electricity be?

An example of a good insulator of electricity would be rubber. An insulator is anything that does not conduct electricity and as such offers protection from direct electric current.

Why is the outside of a wire made of plastic?

Plastic is a bad conductor and a good insulator. When it is wrapped around wire(s) with an electric current flowing through them, it prevents the electricity from getting out and shock our skin (a good conductor of electricity), so plastic is all for safety.

What is a good insulator for a metal wire?

A good insulator would be rubber or plastic.

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