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it causes health problems, and is really bad for your skin

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How can YOUteach people that pollution is bad for the environment?

people already know that pollution is bad for the environment. Now getting people to do something about it is another story

Why pollution is bad evil?

It can be kill people.

Is pollution bad for you?

Yes pollution is bad for you

Why are Factories bad?

Factors are bad because they cause pollution to the air which can get people sick

What happens to people when there is air pollution?

The people inhale the air pollution, which means it is very bad for your lungs. Therefore it will damage your lungs.

Why is pollution affecting people?

It affects our breathing and is bad for the environment.

Why you think it is wrong to pollute?

i think pollution is bad because it destroys are enviorment and is bad for people

Why should people help stop pollution?

because its bad for animals

What are some bad things people do to the environment?

Pollution hunting deforestation

Is air pollution bad?

yes air pollution is bad and by the way you phail!

How bad is the land pollution in Canada?

Land Pollution is really bad in canada.

Why is it bad to pollute antarctica?

Any pollution in Antarctica is as 'bad' as is pollution anywhere on earth.

Is there such a thing as good pollution?

no there is not pollution is bad for the inirnment

How do you fix air pollution?

You can stop littering :P. People who litter are bad :P.

Why pollution is bad?

Of course pollution is bad! If this continues, the world would be dead. (And between you and me, so will YOU.)

You have a research on pollution in general i need to find the characteristic and the advantages and disadvanteges of pollution?

Good is less snow to wipe, therefore causing better traffic. Bad is people can die from pollution.

Why people should stop pollution?

Pollution is bad for the health of people and the environment.Water pollution kills plants animals and birds in local rivers as well as in the oceans.Air pollution causes global warming (carbon emissions) and acid rain (nitrous and sulphur oxides).

How good or bad is the condition of air pollution?

Air pollution is in bad condition. It is because of human recklessness.

Why is thermal pollution bad?

Thermal pollution is bad because it lessens the quality of water. Thermal pollution is the cause of power plants using coolant.

Why is air pollution bad?

People can get really sick or unhealthy from air pollution, like people can get physical health and respiratory problems. Air pollution also pollutes the environment since it traps co2 in the air, increasing global warming.

What are the effects of air pollution on people?

1. bad health condition. 2. destruction of the environment.

What disasters do volcanoes cause?

It may result in killing people, bad dust in the air and pollution

What is bad about pollution?


Do Japan have bad pollution?


How bad is the pollution in the great lakes?

really bad