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The pubic area is one of our most vulnerable spots. The hair is thick there for heat insulation and protection. It keeps the spot safe.

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2010-02-18 03:03:35
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Q: Why is pubic hair thick?
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Is it normal for a woman to have pubic hair on the tops of her thighs?

It is usually normal. I have it, too. I don't think it's really pubic hair, it is just thick or looks similar.

Who has more pubic hair - girls or boys?

Girls grow thick hair than boys

Can you have pubic hair on your breast?

No. You can have hair on your breasts, but pubic hair is in the pubic area of your body.

What encompasses the pubic area?

The pubic area is also called the pubic triangle. It is the area, mainly the crotch, where thick coarser hair grows. During puberty, your sex hormones make the hair grow. It mainly begins at the base of the penis and the area above the vagina. The slang word for pubic hair is sometimes called pubes.

How do you clean pubic hair?

clean your pubic hair with soap

Womens pubic hair?

pupose of women pubic hair

Does chlamydia affect your pubic hair?

Chlamydia does not affect your pubic hair.

Symptoms of menstrual cycle in young girls?

Thick, white-clear discharge, breast development, pubic hair, arm pit hair, growth spurt

Is it normal to have pubic hair between breasts?

Not quite. Pubic hair grows in the pubic region, not between breasts.

Why do pubic hair hurt after guys shave?

your facial hair is connected to your head hair and your pubic hair as you cut your facial hair your nerves in your skin tell you that your pubic hair is getting cut but is really not

Can girls cut pubic hair?

Yes, anyone can cut their pubic hair if they want to. Many women will trim their pubic hair to keep it neat.

Does everyone have pubic hair?

Unless they shave it, but yes. Everyone gets pubic hair.

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