Why is pure water pure?

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Pure water is pure because it is pure... and because it is pure, it is pure... Got it... What sought of question is that?

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Q: Why is pure water pure?
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Related questions

Is boiling water a pure element?

If the water is pure, it is a pure element.

How is acidic pure water?

Pure water is neutral

Is pure water acidic?

No. Pure water is neutral.

How do you find pure water?

pure water store

Does pure water has taste?

Pure water has no taste

What are properties of pure water?

H2O is pure water.

Why is water pure and not salty?

Water can be salty or pure.

How do you get pure dragons in Dragon City?

pure +fire = purefire pure+water = pure water pure +nature =pure nature pure +ice = pure ice

How pure water is non conductive?

What do you mean? Pure water IS conductive. Search "resistivity pure water."

Is pure water is alkali?

No,pure water is not alkali.Pure water is neutral.

Why is salty water not pure?

Salty water is not pure because it contains salt. Pure water contains only water.

Is pure water a mixture or pure?

it says on the internet that tap water is pure so tap water is pure i hope that answers your question!

Is pure water a heterogeneous mixture?

No. Pure water is a compound and therefore a pure substance

How do you get pure water from salty water?

Salty water can be distilled to obtain pure water.

What is Latin word for pure water?

Pure water means "agua pura" .Pure is pura and water is agua

Is pure water a homogenous mixture?

No. Pure water is a compound, which is a pure substance. The molecular formula for water is H2O.

Is pure water acidic or basic?

Pure water is neutral.

Is water a pure substances?

no water is not a pure substance because

What are the pH of pure water?

The pH of pure water is 7

Is pure water tasteless?

Yes, The pure water is tasteless.

Is pure water a conductor or insulator?

pure water is an insulator.

Is water a mixtrure or pure substance?

Water is a pure substance.

Is water a substance pure or mixture?

water is a substance and is pure

Is pure water a solution in chemistry?

Water is pure, not a solution.

Is pure water homogneous or heterogeneous?

Pure water is homogeneous.