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Rank strucutre is important in any army because specific orders have to flow through a rank of leadership. For example, it is not up to a front line grunt to decide where the entire country's forces go. That is the desicion of a leader, who passes orders down to other smaller commanders for efficiency.

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Q: Why is rank structure important in the Australian army?
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What is the highest rank of the Australian army?

The highest rank in the Australian Army is FIELD MARSHALL.

What australian army rank wears the red sash?

Sgt & wo2

Why is rank important in the army?

It is important to have rank in the army cause you need to know who leads and who to look up to and who to look down to

What is the purpose of rank structure?

The rank structure in military serves many important purposes. The foremost is to maintain order and discipline in the rank and file and by instituting rank structure some men are made superior and responsible for others. Rank structure also serves as an incentive for all servicemen to work hard and progress upwards on the rank structure.

How is the rank of sergeant shown on a Australian army uniform?

The rank of sergeant is denoted by three chevrons on the sleeve of the DPCU uniform (old style) or in the rank-slot on the front of the new design uniform.

Which Rank is Higher rank in army?

chief of army staff

Is Commander a rank in the army?

No, there is no rank of commander in the Army. In the Army commander is a title, not a rank. In the Navy, there is a rank of Commander, it is the equivalent of Lt Colonel or O-5.

What is the highest rank in the Canadian army?

The highest rank in the Canadian army is General

What is the rank after Major Corporal in the army?

There is no rank "Major Corporal" in the US. Army

What is rank of Indian army in the world?

Indian army rank 2nd in the world

How much do you get paid in the Australian army?

well that all depends on your rank, how long you've been in the army and what you do say your in communications surveillance and so on but on average at least $500 a week.

What is the lowest rank in the US Army?

The lowest rank of the US Army is Private E-1, with no rank insignia.

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