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Why is rockwool used to help grow plants?

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it is mostly used by nurseries, it creates a well aired medium for the seedlings to grow in. most nurseries today prefer using peat. It is also sterile.

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How do hydroponics help plants grow?

hydroponics help plants to grow but the use of water the light of the b ulbs that is used as sun so it can give the plants energy.

What is rockwool used for?

* [1] Rockwool can be used to anchor cut flowers. [2] It also is a growing medium for plants. [3] It particularly is popular for growing plants under soil-less conditions, and in water. In soil-less conditions, it can take the place of peat. That's considered environmentally friendly, since peat bogs aren't renewable. Rockwool absorbs nutrients, and holds water without becoming waterlogged. [4] And it also is used to improve permeability in raised beds, or in soil. For it allows plants to root, without becoming deformed or stunted by trying to grow under compacted or crusted conditions. * its also used for sound insulation

What can animal wastes and fertilizers make?

It can be used to to help plants grow.

Why are fertilizers used for the plants?

to make them healthy and help them to grow bigger

Can beer help plants grow?

Beer does contain some nutrients and actually can help plants to grow. However, it can also cause mold to grow on the soil, so only a small amount should be used.

Is there a better liquid that can be used to help plants grow better instead of water?


What ionic compound is used to help plants grow?

Ammonium chloride NH4OH

What are the important uses of nitrogen?

Nitrogen is used in the nitrogen cycle to help plants grow.

Can muriatic acid be used on your plants such as hydrangeas to help grow and flourish?

Absolutely not. It will kill them.

Plants convert radiant energy from the sun into mechanical energy which is used to help them grow-?

Photosynthesis is the name of the process where plants convert radiant energy from the Sun into mechanical energy, which is used to help them grow. There are thousands of different plant species.

Does coke help a plant grow?

Probably not, because plants grow from water and are used to that. Coke with its chemicals may kill it!

Plants convert radiant energy from the sun into mechanical energy which is used to help them grow?


Why does fertiliser help plants grow?

it replacesthe nutrients that plants have used .Like rich dirt has the nutrients more than clay.

How does light influence sprouting plants?

Light influences sprouting plants by the process of photosynthesis. This is the use of light to help all living plants thrive and grow. The light is absorbed through the leaves of the plants and then used by the rest of the plant to grow.

How are plants and animals interconnected in the ecosystem?

They exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. Plants are used as food for animals, and animals help the plant grow.

How solar energy can be future energy?

Solar energy can help grow plants which can be used as future energy.

Does a plant grow better in orange juice?

Orange juice can help plants grow better if it is used in moderation. Acid loving plants likes the sugar content and acidity of the orange juice and it can be added in small plants then water the plants as usual.

Does baking powder help plants grow?

Yes , most important constituent of baking powder for plants is sodium bicarbonate which is used by plant for growth .

What are green houses used for?

Green-houses are used to store many of different plants from outside, when the conditions are not suitable for them, contolled temperature and artificial lightning are used is Green-houses to help the plants grow.

Do fluoescent lights grow plants?

They are used for growing plants.

Is nitrogen an element that helps plants grow?

yes it helps the plants to grow thats why it is used in fertilizers

How does the rain help plants grow?

Simple, plants need water to grow. Water is stored inside the chloroplasts for food and reacts with sunlight to create photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of transferring sunlight into energy. That energy is used for the plants food source.

Does the color of light used on plants effect how well they grow?

Does the color of light effect how well plants grow?

Which are the most common hydroponic nutrients used for growing?

In hydroponics, plants do not grow in soil. Instead, the plants are grown in a water-based medium or other growing mediums like coir, rockwool, etc. All plants need the same conditions to grow i.e. sufficient amount of light, water, and materials to make their own food. For plants growing in soil, food is obtained by uptake in nutrients from the soil. Since soil is absent in hydroponics, food needs to be provided to the plant using a different route. This is where hydroponic nutrients come in.

Where is terracing used?

Terracing is used to grow plants on hillsides.

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