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Because of the moisture.

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Q: Why is rusting of iron faster in rainy season?
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Why is rusting of iron faster in rainy days?

rusting of iron is faster in rainy days because water is responsible for the rusting of iron i.e the presence of oxygen

Why is rusting of iron fast in rainy season?

Iron rusts because it reacts with oxygen. The oxygen in water reacts with iron quicker than oxygen in air, and the air outside is often damp, and there is the rain as well.

What makes iron go rusting faster?

iron rusts faster in presence of moisture and air.

Can rusting of iron occur in distilled water?

Yes, rusting of iron occurs in distilled water. In fact, the rusting is faster since, the ionic content in distilled water is lesser.

Why does iron corrode faster in saltwater?

Saltwater is a very powerful catalyst for the process of rusting.

Which one is a chemical change rusting of iron or melting of iron?

rusting of iron

How is bending different from iron rusting?

iron bending different from iron rusting

What conditions will make iron and steel rust?

Rusting occur in iron when it reacts with oxygen and water...the less salts in the water the faster the rusting occurs...and the more percentage of oxygen the faster it rusts.

Is iron rusting in a charge of chemical?

No, iron rusting is oxidation process

What is the materials causing iron rusting?

Its the moisture which causes rusting of iron

How is iron gate prevented from rusting?

How is iron gate is prevented from rusting

Does rusting of iron is a reaction of iron and nitrogen?

Oxidation (rusting) of iron metal is the reaction of iron and oxygen