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because she guided Lewis and clark during the expedition

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Sacagewea.Actually, if you think about if for a moment, it shouldn't be called the "Lewis and Clark Expedition". They had no idea where to go if Sacagewea didn't assist them!It should be called the "Sacagewea Expedition" :)

The Shoshone Indian Tribe.

She is based on a real indian

Charbonneau married sacagewea

she was both and she had one leg

Amelia Earhart or sacagewea

Sacagewea helped them by pointing in the right direction. Lewis and Clark did not know which way to go so they asked the Indian, Sacagewea. She must have been a genuis! that is crap, sacagewea and her french husband Toussaint Charbonneau accompanied Lewis and Clark on much of their journey. she helped in translation chains between the corps of discovery and the tribes they encountered. she was kidnapped as a child by rival Indians and was the sister of one of the great Indian chiefs.

She was sixty three when she died of heart defect.

yes she was only married once

The name is Anglicized in several ways, usually Sacajaweaor Sacagawea.

Sacajawea lead Lewis and Clark through their expedition to the pacific ocean.

t because sacagewea likes Daniel mitchell

Some Shoshoni Indian names are Sacagewea and Naya Nuki.

she died in her hometown in the rocky mountain of her fellow shoshone people her brother was the chief.

Sacagewea was a Shoshone woman and was kidnapped when she was little and was sold to her husband Toussaint Carbonneau. Sacagawea was a guide and interpreter on the expedition. When they came across the shoshone, sacagawea convinced them to supply them with horses and food.

She knew land very well, and helped navigate them through Shoshone lands.

she traveled with Lewis and clark (her name is actually spelled sacagewea)

Sacagewea helped Lewis and Clark explore and Pocahontas was a native that saved an Englishman's life.

The Rocky Mountains Great Plains and Indian Sacagewea

She was a Native American woman who helped Louis and Clark. She had a baby boy with named Pompeii and was married to a French trapper.

Shoshone people are Indians who lived in the more western parts of America. The Shoshone Indians became famous over time, considering the acts of Sacagewea in the Lewis And Clark Expedition. Yes, Sacagewea is in the Shoshone tribe. There was also chief Washakie, who became famous for being named after the tribes' main reservation.

If you are referring to the baby she is carrying on the gold coin, his name is Pomp. His traveled with Sacagewea and Lewis and Clark on their expeditions.

Sacagewea was the Shoshone woman that worked with the Lewis and Clark expedition as a guide and interpreter.

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