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Why is salt bad for you?

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  • Salt is a compound of two elements, sodium and chloride. Sodium, along with other elements help balance the water in our bodies. It also helps muscles contract and helps send nerve impulses through our body. It is important to our health.
  • A healthy diet should have sodium but presently, westernized diets (fast foods and packaged foods) contain a lot of sodium. We average about 5 - 6 grams a day and some sources report up to 10 grams a day. We should get no more than 2.4 grams a day or what is equal to 1 teaspoon of salt. In a nutshell, we need sodium but not too much.
  • However, some people are very sensitive to sodium intake and it can increase blood pressure placing them at a higher risk for heart and blood vessel diseases. In such cases, they should use less or none. Sodium is also found naturally in foods and that will be enough for those people.
  • The above point is correct about the daily grams of salt, however, most people measure it in milligrams. Don't take in more then 2,400 mg of salt per day. In other words, you can not ever eat McDonald's fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, chips, all the bad junk food because they use extra sodium to preserve it. Sodium is an excellent preservation agent and it's quite common in pork since pork decomposes more quickly then other meat.
  • It would have been helpful to copy into this answer an article that dismisses the link between salt and high blood pressure (citing scientific studies). However, it is probably copyrighted. If you wish to read the article, please see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Links.
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When does salt go bad?

Salt never goes bad.

Why is passing salt bad luck?

Passing salt was not bad luck. Spilling salt was bad luck because in Roman days, salt was very expensive.

Why is salt bad for cells?

salt is bad for health because the cell shrinks when the salt goes into the cell

Is salt bad for gerbils?

Salt is quite bad for gerbils, they will have the right amount provided in their usual diet to not have to have extra salt given to them.

Why do they say salt is bad for a person who has had a heart attack?

Salt is bad for you colostrol. Messes with your heart

How does salt tastes?

salt tastes good but is bad for you.....

Why is salt bad for us?

Salt isn't bad for you, certain amounts of salt can be. If you eat to much salt it can relate to other illnesses and can cause severe blood clots :(

Is salt bad for teeth?

well i think salt is not bad for teeth because if you have a toothache you usually put water in your mouth and salt then gargle !!!!

Is salt bad for hamsters?

Yes, very bad.

Too much salt in banana bread good or bad?

bad bad bad

Is eating sea salt bad for you?

Sea Salt is not considered bad. it contains salt and it contains other elements that we need. It is supposed to be better than refined pure salt. Regards.

Does salt pork go bad?

YES It Can Go Bad

What happens if a person do not consume enough salt?

Salt is very bad for you.

Why is drinking salt water bad for you?

because salt absorbs water

Salt on your lawn?

Bad. Don't do it. Salt destroys soil structure.

Is salt and pepper bad for you?

Anything in excess is bad for you, but there is nothing particularly bad about pepper. Salt though, especially in excess, can raise chlorestol, dehydrate you, and dehydrate your system.

Is fruit with a little salt bad for you?

no !

Are ramen noodles bad for you?

They have a very high sodium (salt) content. Too much salt is bad for you if you have high blood pressure. Yes But I like the 30% LESS salt (beef Flavor) That's better but still bad.

Adding salt in dogs food is good or bad?

Its bad for dogs that have salt in it or on it. Bad, dogs do not need extra salt in their diet, giving it to them could cause health problems. There is already more than enough present in their food.

What are the bad effects of road salt?

Road salt causes corosion of vehicles

Is salt bad for hermit crabs?

no i had hermit crabs and had salt it didn't hurt them

Is salt bad for my African grey parrot?

Salt is generally bad for birds, it can cause dehydration and high blood pressure. Even small doses of salt can cause a lot of damage.

Is eating salt bad for height?

Too much salt is bad for your blood pressure - it makes you retain water, too.

Is salt a good or bad conductor of heat?

salt can conduct electricity but i dont think it does anything for heat, so bad conductor for heat

Why is sodium chloride bad in shampoo?

Sodium Chloride is table salt. If there is salt in your shampoo then it will really hurt your eyes. They will sting really bad.