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Salt and sugar both dissolve in water, thereby increasing its mass. Salt is approximately 40% more dense than sugar, and thereby the salt water is more dense than sugar water (when either are added in the same quantities by volume).

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Why is sea water more dense then fresh water?

Sea water is more dense because the minerals, especially salt, make it more dense.

Is sugar more dense than water?

Yes sugar is more dense than water. Even though it is denser than water sugar is soluble and will dissolve in water.

Why sea water more dense than fresh water?

Sea water contains salt which is more dense than the water. Brackish contains both fresh and saltwater. Freshwater is less dense than both because it contains no salt.

Why does sugar sink in the water?

Sugar sinks in water because it heavier and more dense than water. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame are not as dense and will float.

Why sea water and freshwater do not have same density?

Sea water and fresh water does not have the same density because sea water has salt, which makes it more dense than fresh water Sea water and fresh water does not have the same density because sea water has salt, which makes it more dense than fresh water

Why do objects float better in salt water?

Buoyancy is a property that states that if an object is less dense than water it will float. Since salt water is denser that fresh water, things that were previously more dense than fresh water can float in water that is more dense (salt water).

Why do ships sink more in fresh water than in salt water in respect to?

Salt water is more dense than fresh water. So when you're in salt water you float more than when you are in fresh water

Why is ocean water more dense than regular fresh water?

Ocean water has salt and other minerals, but fresh water has no salt. Fresh water also has minerals in it, but ocean water has more.

Which freezes faster fresh H2O or salt H2O?

fresh water, because salt water is more dense

Why is sugar water more buoyant than fresh water?

Water with any added solute (salt, sugar) is more dense (heavier) than fresh water.A sugar-water solution is denser than plain water, i.e. it weighs more per volume. Any displacement by a floating object will displace its weight in the liquid. For denser liquids, this represents a smaller volume displaced, and the object will not sink as far into the liquid.

Why saltwater is denser than the freshwater?

Salt water is more dense than fresh water because salt water has more mass than fresh water.

Is salt water or fresh water more dense?

salt water. molecules are closer together.

Why does fresh water float on top of salt water?

The salt makes the water more dense.

What is salt water intrusion?

Where salt or more dense water enters a fresh water aquifer. This happens because to much fresh water is drawn from the well.

Is syrup more dense than oil?

Yes, syrup is more dense than water because of the sugar and oil is less dense than water, like all other oil.

Can a viscous fluid be less dense then fresh water?

Yes, for example oil is less dense than water even though it is more viscous.

Is salt water less or more dense than regular water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water.

Do you put a teaspoon of sugar or more in water to keep cut flowers fresh?

You put a teaspoon of sugar in the vase of flowers with the water to keep the flowers fresh

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