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Why is sand blowing from the jet after the pool is turned on for the day?


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2007-09-02 22:29:57
2007-09-02 22:29:57

Im not an expert by any means but what I know is that with a sand filter system if your pump is not the corect HP for the filter it will push dibris and sand right back into the pool


That may be true in remote cases where the system was not installed correctly or had well balanced/matched equipment. The correct answer would most likely be that you have a broken lateral(s) which allow sand to pass back to the pool. It is best to find the correct type lateral for your specific filter. Some manufacturers have made modifications to same model filters as production and technology progresses. Replacing the lateral required turning the equipment off and making sure it will not come back on while it is being worked on. Removing the filter top or valve assy. Removing all sand, finding the damaged lateral(s), replacing lateral, replacing the sand with new sand in the correct manner, replacing the valve or filter top and starting the equipment and backwashing the filter to reduce the dust blow back



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first of all there shouldn't be a lot of sand at the bottom of your pool. assuming you don't live on the ocean where sand could become air born the only thing that makes sense to me is that something went wrong when you backwashed your filter. to get rid of the sand vacuum the pool every day until it disappears

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no it isn't possibe as water would go out the hole and at the same time, sand would be washed away not allowing it to come back in. If you have a sand filter, you might check for a blown gasket because this actually allows the sand to be blown back into the pool and once it circulates and then shuts off, it comes to rest ion the same spot Try changing the gasket and see if that helps

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It is as cold as the North Pole outside. It is as hot as concrete at the pool on a summer day. It is as windy as a huge fan blowing in your face. It is as bright as the sun outdoors.

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