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Why is shut up by simple plan popular?


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shut up is a way to express somebody's feelings in a way that person wants to.

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Yes shut up by simple plan is a good song!

kelley osborn ------ simple plan

The lyrics are self expanitory, if someone is frustrating you or telling you what to do you just say SHUT UP!

no he's not gay! Why evrybody think that Simple Plan are gay...? They are not gay...they are shut up.

NO i am pretty sure he does not ------------------------------------------------------- i'm not sure if he does now or not. but in the video for "shut up", on the back of his guitar it said "jamie" with a heart next to it.

No, it's not. I have the Simple Plan CD with that song on it and it says all songs are written by Simple Plan.

No, and they won't be "splitting up" for a while(:

Grow up is an awesome simple plan song. You should listen to it. It is cool! Its a bonus track on no pads, no helmets... just balls :)

simple, tell everybody to shut up

Do not believe them, they have not broken up.

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shut upshut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up

Addicted is a song by the band Simple Plan. It probably isn't very good, because Simple Plan doesn't write great songs. I would just look up Phish instead.

They have not broken up. They are just to busy making their 3rd album.

Of course not! It's always been Pierre! Well, before Simple Plan was started he was in another band with the drummer Chuck, but he was still the lead singer. The only new non-ish-origional band member is David, he was brought into Simple Plan before any of the "swapping of bands". If you really wanna learn about Simple Plan more look up "who brought the band simple plan together?" I put their whole pre-Simple Plan history :p

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they shut up because they give up on people like you who do not know this simple stuff.

Just say shut up. It's that simple!Or say baby shut up heard enough. stop ta-ta-talking that blah blah blah lol

singular: shut up=conclude plural: shut up=concldite

You go up to them and tell them to shut up.

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