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Why is silver nitrate used in cauterization of wounds?

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Silver nitrate is a chemical compound with chemical formula AgNO3. This nitrate of silver is a light-sensitive ingredient in photographic film and is a poisonous, corrosive compound. Silver nitrate crystals can be produced by dissolving silver in nitric acid and evaporating the solution. The compound notably stains skin a greyish or black color that is made visible after exposure to sunlight. Silver nitrate has been used as an antiseptic, dropped into newborn babies' eyes at birth. This is to prevent contraction of gonorrhoea or chlamydia from their mother. A very weak solution is used for this, (about 1%) and there are very few side effects. Mythically, silver nitrate was used as a method of killing vampires, with the silver nitrate generally being injected into a bullet cartridge or used in a hypodermic needle. Fused silver nitrate, shaped into sticks, was traditionally called lunar caustic and used as a cauterizing agent. It can also be used in wound management to 'knock back' over-granulation of tissue in healing wounds such as ulcers and sinuses. [edit]

Silver nitrate can be used in a medical environment as a chemical cauterizing agent and medicinal caustic. A typical applicator is composed of 75% silver nitrate with 25% potassium nitrate. As the silver nitrate contacts with water (in the blood) the compound goes into solution forming nitric acid. The acid subsequently is responsible for the cautery effect. As mentioned above this will typically result in a black or greyish staining of the skin. This staining is caused by the accumulation of the silver and will typically go away as the body rids itself of the mineral. Retrieved from ""

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Why silver nitrate is used in cauterization?

Silver nitrate is an effective anti-biotic and is frequently used in surgical dressing.

What is molecular formula for silver nitrate?

The molecular formula of silver nitrate is AgNO3. Silver nitrate is extensively used in analytical chemistry as a reagent. You can take silver nitrate solution in a beaker and electrolyze it to get silver in the negative potential.

What is brown spot under nose after cauterization?

That's Silver Nitrate, which is the chemical used to cauterize the blood vessel. I've had two nose cauterization done recently due to nosebleeds, and both times a bit of silver nitrate gone onto my skin right outside my nostril. Initially I was worried that I might not be able to get it off, but after about 2 1/2 days, I see that it was flecking off a bit when I rubbed it, and so I lightly scratched it, and the brown spots came off! ^-^

Which Salt is used in photography?

Silver nitrate.

Why is silver nitrate not used in electroplating silver?

It's not cost-effective.

Why is silver nitrate not used in electroplating?

The migration of Ag+ in silver nitrate solution is very fast leading to an uneven deposition of the metal silver on the substrate. Hence not been used for electroplating.

What is the molecular formula for silver nitrate?

The molecular formula for silver nitrate is AgNO3.This white solid is often used as a precursor to many other silver compounds.

Silver nitrate is used for testing of which chemicals?


Is silver nitrate harmful when used in processed food?

Silver nitrate is not toxic, although it is certainly not nutritious. Normally it is used in photography, not in food. Personally I wouldn't eat it.

What are the uses of silver nitrate?

i think it is used in making mirrors

Is silver nitrate SOLUTION used to study mitocondria?


What is the chemical used in developing photograpic films?

silver nitrate

Two solutions mixed to make silver iodide?

silver nitrate and potassium iodide can be used.

Explain why dilute silver nitrate must be used when applied to the eyes rather than concentrated?

Dilute silver nitrate must be used because concentrated can cause blindness in extreme cases.

Copper will react with silver nitrate to form copper nitrate and silver?

In certain reaction conditions, yes. Copper is more reactive than silver, so it should react with the nitrate molecule to form copper nitrate while precipitating the silver. *Are you thinking about separating silver from photographic fixer? Commonly a less expensive metal is used like iron (steel wool) to extract much of the silver.

What is name of ink which is used in election for marking the voter?

Silver nitrate

What arethe uses of Silver nitrate?

Used in photographic films as coatings

What is the reagent used to precipitate chloride ions?

silver nitrate (AgNO3)

What are the name formula and uses for one compound containing silver?

Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) . It is used in medicine used for treating burns.

What are the uses of nitric acids in our daily life?

The important uses of nitric acid · Explosives like TNT nitro glycerin, cotton. · Fertilizers such as calcium nitrate, nium nitrate. · Nitrate salts such as calcium nitrate, silver nitrate, nium nitrate. · Dyes, perfumes. · Sulphuric acid. It is used in the purification of silver; gold, platinum Nitric acid is used in etching designs on copper, brass, bronze ware. Good luck !

What mass of silver chloride can be produced from 1.20L of a 0.151M solution of silver nitrate?

By definition, a 0.151 molar solution contains 0.151 moles of silver nitrate per liter of solution. Therefore, 1.20 L will contain 1.20(0.151) or 0.181 moles of silver nitrate. The formula units of both silver nitrate and silver chloride contain one atom of silver each, and the solubility product constant of silver chloride is sufficiently small that as many moles of silver chloride as of silver nitrate used can be completely converted to silver chloride, for which the gram formula unit mass is 143.22. Therefore, 143.22(0.181) or 26.0 grams of silver chloride, to the justified number of significant digits, can be formed

Indicators for precipitation titration involving silver nitrate the fajan's method?

fluorescein can be used as indicator in the titration of silver and chlorided

Why must silver nitrate be used in excess in precipitation titration?

secrets love my escape

What are the medical use of AgNO3?

Silver nitrate was used for the skin cauterisation; now is avoided.

What is the percent composition of silver nitrate?

That depends. In a solution used for silver staining in biochemical research, for example, silver nitrate is at 0.8%, sodium hydroxide at 1.9% and ammonium hydroxide at 1.4%, with the rest made up of sterile deionized water.