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1) Because if you spell sinus backwards, it becomes sinus which in latern means inter galctual head smetis.

2) According to my knowledge, the 'sinus' was originally called the 'inf-inf' based on its anatomical root, however as medicine evolved, it led to many misdiagnosed cases of speech impairments and hours of unnecessary therapy for sick patients who would visit the town doctor or shaoman and seek treatment for their inf-inf infection. Once this complication was recognized, it was renamed to avoid future confusion using the name of the discovering doctor, Mr. Sinus Smetis.

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Q: Why is sinus called sinus?
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What is the condition of sinus inflammation and congestion called?

A sinus infection, or sinusitis.

What are the causes of sinus headaches?

Sinus headaches can be saused by a sinus congestion and inflammation, called sinusitis. Sinusitis is caused by either a respiratory infection or allergies.

What is the air cavity in the skull called?


What is an air filled cavity called?


What is a sinus rhythm?

When the heart is functioning properly the sinus node controls the firing of action potential that contract the heart. When the sinus node dominates the heart will contract in a synchronized and effective rhythm This is called sinus rhythm.

What is the space inside the cranial bone called?


What are the spaces within a lymph node called?

It's called the subcapsular sinus

What do you call a sinus doctor?

There are people who say sinus doctor when they see a doctor treating a sinus patient, but I wouldn't say a sinus doctor, because a doctor who treat sinus patients also treat general ear, nose, and throat problems.Allergy doctors called as an allergist or an immunologist; these doctors can treat a sinus patient too.

What is an Air-filled cavity in bone called?


When the heart rate varies with respirations this is called?

sinus arrhythmia

What is the normal heart rate called?

normal sinus rhythm (NSR)

A large channel that drains deoxygenated blood is called?

venous sinus

What is the medical term for the washing of the nasal sinus?

This is called nasal irrigation.

Where are the paranasal sinus found?

The paranasal sinus is behind your nose and cheeks. The medical term for it is called the maxillae

What is the term for a normal EKG?

A normal EKG is usually called Sinus Rhythm.

What is the internal pacemaker of the human heart called?

SA node (Sinus Node)

Mucosal thickening within the maxillary sinus?

Mucosal thickening in the sinus cavity is commonly called sinusitis. It is most often caused by a viral infection and is treated with antibiotics.

What is the name of the major paranasal sinuses?

paranasal sinus include frontal sinus, the maxillary sinus, the ethmodial sinuses, and the spheniodal sinus.

What are the sinuses?

lateral irontal sinus/ medial irontal sinus/ rostral frontal sinus

Does sinus becomes a death cause?

In health, be sure you are talking about the correct "sinus" The heart has a sinus, so please be specific about which sinus you are referring to.

What words have the root sinus?

sinus infection

What is the plural of the sinus?

The plural of sinus is sinuses.

What is the largest sinus cavity?

The maxillary sinus

What is the plural of sinus?

The plural of sinus is sinuses.

What is a good way to get rid of a sinus headache?

Try to irrigate your nasal sinus with Sinus Rinse.