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Q: Why is soil important to the biosphere?
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All of life on earth exists in the?

the biosphere

To Which spheres do the clouds and the soil belong?

Clouds in Atmosphere, soil in Biosphere

Why are the biosphere and atmosphere especially important for mankind?

The biosphere and atmosphere are especially important for mankind because we are part of the biosphere and we depend on the atmosphere to sustain ourselves and much of the biosphere.

How does water pass through the biosphere?

Water circulation in biosphere is called water cycle , pathway is sea , atmosphere , rain , soil , plants , animals , decomposres and soil

Parts of the earth's air water and soil where organisms are found?


What is a biosphere and why is it so important?

The biosphere is the crust of the earth and everything living on it. It is important because it is the only place where organisms survive.

Are carbohydrates important in the biosphere?


Why is it important that Earth has a biosphere?

The biosphere is anything living so it is important.

List and explain the parts of a biosphere?


What human activity was not important in transforming the biosphere?


What human activities are important to transforming the biosphere?


What are physical divisions?

Biosphere is living mantle of earth where living being occur. There are three physical divisions of biosphere : Lithosphere (land or soil), Hydrosphere (water), and atmosphere (air).