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Why is speech important?

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Without speech humans would not have been able to communicate until the invention of writing.

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Is speech important?

Yes, speech is important because it gives us the right to know what we are doing.

What part of speech is important?

"Important" is an adjective.

What are Important details about his speech?

whos speech????? everyrthing. his speech was about what he is going to do as president. he will be great

What were the important issues covered by barack obaama?

his speech his speech

What is the speech for 18 candles?

An 18 candle speech is given at a debut party. If you are one to give a speech, tell the person why they are important to you and what makes them important.

Why is it important for us to protect your freedom of speech?

The freedom of speech is important to protect it because if we dont we could lose are prvalge to have such freedom as we do

Why is it important to have a powerful conclusion to a speech?

It is important to have a powerful conclusion to a speech because most people remember only the beginning and end of a speech. Also, a powerful conclusion helps the audience process the key things that were made in the speech.

What was Patrick Henrys speech?

He had 3 speeches but what you mostly important was his liberty or death speech. His other 2 where the treason speech, and the Caesar and Brutus speech.

Why is the quality of speech very important?

speech is the basic foundation of English . without the part of speech sentence cant be formed

Why is Patrick henrys speech important?

Patrick Henry's speech was important because he helped persuade Virginia to enter into the fight for American independence.

What is most important right?

freedom of speech

Why do think speech is important?

so we can talk

What is a chloral speech in drama?

Because it is important

What is the part of speech the word important?


Why was the First Amendment important for the freedom of speech?

It guarantees the rights to free speech and a free press.

Why is freedom of speech press important in a democratic society?

Freedom of speech press is important because that's the only way to really know whAt the people want

Why was President Obama's state of the union speech important?

President Obama's State Of The Union Speech was important because he like any other president and theirs was too. It was so important because it was a speech letting us know whats going on in the union states and what he plans to do about it.

How do you finish a speech?

by giving a conclusion about why your speech about a certain topic is important to u and why u think its great

Why are the eight part of speech important?

Because without the 8 parts of speech, we would not be able to communicate.

What was George Washington's last speech called?

His last important speech, was appropriately known as his farewell address.

What do you think about The King's Speech?

his speech was important because, because his children is not getting judge for there skin, but for there character

The speech given by an important party member at the first session of the national convention?

It could be the opening speech.

Sample of beneficiality speech in a debate?

how important divorce

What is the most important right to the constitution?

freedom of speech

Why do you deliver speech?

To address an important standing on something.