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Technology is addicting because it can do stuff we maybe never thought could have been done before. It is addicting because it can used as a form of entertainment. Technology is also so easy to get hooked on because it makes life easier!

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Negative effects of modern technology?

Simply, modern technology is very addicting and also causes lots of pollution during production.

Is addicting games addicting?

Depends on what you find addicting, and how you classify addicting...

Why is smoking addicting?

The reason smoking is so addicting is it has nicotine in it which is addicting.

Is Xanax addicting?

yes, it is addicting.

Is suboxone addicting?

Yes it is addicting.

Is Adderall addicting?

Yes, highly addicting when abused.

Is Nutella addicting?

Almost as addicting as dead babies.

Is Crossy Roads addicting?

Yes crossyroad is addicting

Is extacy addicting?

No. It can be psychologically addicting however. But anything can psychologically addicting, even food, exercise, and video games.

What is a sentence using the word addicting?

A sentence using the word addicting is difficult to arrange. The WikiAnswers website is addicting.

How is tobacco addicting?

it has this ingredient : nicotine . wich makes it addicting.

Are cigars addicting?

Yes, but more precisely, nicotine is addicting...

Is thizz addicting?

Thizz/forms of ectasy can be addicting but not always.

What is the most addicting game on addicting gamescom?

potty racers

Is tramadol edicting?

No, tramadol is not addicting. It is in the family of narcotics but it is not addicting.

What is more addicting alcohol or tobacco?

Well, actually tobacco is way more addicting. I'm not sure if alcohol is addicting or not.

Why is soda so addicting?

soda is addicting because of the carbon dioxide in it. :) $%$#

Why Super Mario addicting?

It's addicting because its a fun game.

Is Minecraft a addicting game?

yes it is extremely addicting when you first start!

What is the most addicting helicopter game?

The most addicting helicopter game is the one where you're the pilot of a helicopter, it's the most addicting. For your health.

How addicting is WikiAnswers?

very addicting!!! I just got hooked in 5 days!

What are some addicting websites or computer games?

well facebook is really addicting

Can tattoos be addicting?

Tattoos can be very adicting. Not always addicting, but for some people when they get tattoos, they would like to get more which is very addicting so. Yes

Beer of all the alcoholic beverages is the most addicting?

Alcoholic beverages are not addicting in any way. Addicting alcohol does not exist, addictive personallities do exist.

How adicting is gaming?

gaming can be very addicting, depending on what the game is, if you have an addicting personality(addicted to something). So if you have both of the above, gaming can be VERY addicting.

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