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Why is the Amazon River important?

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because the civilizations around it need a water and a fishing source for food.

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What are 3 important towns on the Amazon River?

name three important towns on the amazon river

What is the important port on the Amazon?

The important port on the Amazon River is called Iquitos.

Why is important the Amazon River?

The Amazon river is very important, mainly in Brazil, because it feeds millions of people. It is the world's biggest river on water amount.

Most important river in south America?

The most important river in South America is the Amazon river.

What important river flows out the Andes mountain?

The Amazon River.

Why is the Amazon River important to the Amazon rainforest?

cause it smells of poo

Name three important towns on the amazon river?

The Amazon river is 4,000 miles wide. The most important towns on the Amazon are Belem, Brazil, Santarem, Brazil, and Iquitos, Peru.

Why is the Amazon River an important means of transport in the US?

Sorry, but the Amazon River is not in the US. It is located in South America.

Where is the Madeira river?

Madeira river is in the South America, an important tributary of Amazon.

An important trading city on the Amazon River?


The most important river in South America?


What is the largest and most important river system in south America?

The Amazon river system.

What are some questions to ask about the Amazon River?

what countries does the amazon river flow through? When did the Amazon river form? Where is the mouth of the river? Where is the amazon river basin located? Where is the Amazon river located? Who was the first person to discover the Amazon river?

What are some important geographical features in Brazil?

The amazon river Begins in Brazil and ends not far form Brazil in one of the neighbouring countrys. The amazon is the actual river but there is a rain froest surrounding the river wich was named after the river and is called the amazon rainfroest.

What is the most important river in south america?

It depends on your perspective, but the Amazon River is the most famous and the longest river in the world.

Which of these cities is an important trading city located on the amazon river?


Why is the amazon river so important to us?

because it is soooo sexy

What city is an important trading city located on the Amazon River?


What are the three important characteristics of the Amazon River?

Lots of floading and vegetation

Why are the amazon river dolphins important to the earth?

because there ugly and worthless

Why is the Amazon river an important feature of latin America?

it is used for shipping and very important for fishing

Can dolphins live in the Amazon River?

yes, but only the Amazon river dolphin lives in the Amazon river. hense, AMAZON RIVER DOLPHIN.

Is the Amazon river the longest river?

The Amazon River is not the longest river The Nile river is.

Is the Amazon River a young river or an old river?

the amazon river is an old river

Why is the amazon river basin so important?

The Amazon Basin is home to thousands of species of animals only found there.