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to represent..........america

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Q: Why is the American flag inside churches?
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How do you spell American flag?

American flag is correct.

Is it the American flag or the US Flag?

The American Flag.

What flag is raised first the American flag or you battalion flag?

American flag

What is inside a ball on top of flag poles?

There is one match and one bullet inside the ball on top of the American flag poles and a pistil under the flag pole. This is so that if we Americans were ever in the position where we had to surrender our flag we can first burn it with the match and then we can use the bullet to kill ourselves so we can not be taken hostage.

What is the design of the American flag?

what is the design of the American flag

What does the South flag look like?

There is no such thing as the south American flag, the north American flag or the American flag. Countries have flags, not continents.

13 S on a AF?

13 Stripes on the American Flag

What is the Significance of the American flag?

The significance of American flag is to show that were the best.

Where can the American flag be found?

You see the American flag on every government building, inside many government offices. In every US miltary base, however small, on all American ships and aircraft and on many American homes.

What has the author Eileen W Lindner written?

Eileen W. Lindner has written: 'Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches 1999' 'Thus Far on the Way' 'Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches, 2003 (Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches)' 'Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches 2007 (Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches)' -- subject(s): Directories, Christian sects 'Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches 1998 (Serial)'

What does the American eagle on the flag mean?

There is no eagle on the American flag.

Can you iron the American flag?

No you may not iron the American flag.