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Why is the CD useful?


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Music, data, photos, movies - need I go on.


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Portable CD holders can be very useful to people who travel often and like to bring their music CD's with them. They are also useful for business men, or photographers to bring data based CD's.

it can help us store data and play it back anytime anywhere you have a computer or CD player. A CD is very useful in our daily lives.

An inkjet CD printer is special as it allows one to print directly on to a CD or DVD Disc. It is useful for one who wants to put their own images onto CDs or copy Games picture discs or music albums onto the CD.

The difference between a CD Rom and a hard disk is that a CD Rom translates the information on CD's and discs. On the other hand, a hard disk stores data and useful information.

following are strength and weaknesses of CD Rom Strength 1) It can be useful for installing OS and all kind of application without much problem. 2) It can also be useful to play music, games, movies Weaknesses 1) Over a period of time CD-Rom data cable or power issue, it would be difficult to handle for novice user. 2) Also needs to clean or take care otherwise it will not be effective and useful.

Color CD printers are great for printing out color images on CDs. This can prove useful for your own collection instead of using tedious labels and marker pens.

If one is looking for a free StarCraft CD key online, it is possible to find the key on multiple gaming forums. Gaming forums are very useful for finding CD keys, cheat codes, etc.

well for an art critic like me CD 's are are very useful because music is a form of art . . . . but CD 's have another way of use in a very creative ways , especially worn out on. . . . well your idea can be possible with just a creative touch . . . .

There are special cleaning disks for CD drives but they are not very useful. It is just a disk with a light brush on it. The best way to clean them is to disassemble the cover and use a cotton swab dipped in denatured alcohol.

A great website that provides investment advice and financial tools and current CD interest rates is You can find useful information and provides valuable insight for investment opportunities.

To "burn" a CD is to imprint information on it, creating a new, useful CD from a formerly blank one. The information could be newly created on the computer and "saved" to the CD through "burning." Typically, "copy" means to duplicate information from one CD onto another through the "burning" process. Both terms are used fairly loosely. The term "burning" is derived from the concept that a laser creates microscopic imperfections in a layer of the CD below the top protective film, a process similar to burning with a torch, though on an incredibly small scale.

CD-R is a CD-Recordable and a CD-RW is a CD rewriteable.

The Epson photo printer is most useful for printing off digital photos. You can use it for all of your printing needs including Mailing labels, CD labels, and what ever else you may need to print.

If the CD Player will not read the CD then either there is something wrong with the CD or the CD player or the CD or CD player needs to be cleaned.

the CD drive has lasers which read the CD, so the CD has pieces that can be read.

it mean there is no CD so make sure there is a CD in there

you can use CD,and / Cd;thus / or CD, so to join a CD sentence

what are cd-cd? *a cd=compact disc

if you buy a CD go to your items and click on the CD then it will automatically insert itself into the stereo (you can only play a CD if you have a stereo) then you can play your music -hope this helped allot stereo password - 55834 61931 (costs 9000pts ) CD 1 - 56314 64112 ( costs 2000pts ) hope these passwords are useful bye ! :) :P guess what my tamagotchi is 9 yrs old and it has a baby awwwwww well seeya

A CD is useful if you are going to play music in an older stereo or car. Most will have a CD player. Some newer CD players will play CD's with MP3 compressed audio, extending the play time by as much as 90%. A flash drive is useful if you want to hold more music (most flash drives hold much more than 1 Gigabyte (1024MB) of info, CD's top out at 800MB. Flash drives can also hold any type of compressed audio or higher-than-CD quality audio (higher than 16 bit, 44.1kHz). Flash drives also have no moving parts, and are not as susceptible to extreme temperatures, scratching or moisture.

The CD Drive reads the information that is on a CD. If can also write information to a CD.

A CD ReWriter is a CD drive that can use CD-RW, ReWritable CDs.

CD-Rs and CD+Rs are not, but CD-RWs and CD+RWs are. You will need to check your burner to see if you need + or -.

cos you have to have a good cd, that is the real cd with the stuff in it first

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