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It is believed that the Republic of Ireland soccer team was the first team to play Germany after World War II when many teams refused to do so. The German football association appreciated this gesture and in honour declared they would adopt a green jersey as their away jersey as this was the colours of the Republic of Ireland. This is incorrect because Switzerland was actually the first to play against the German soccer team post-WWII.

The true reason for the selection of green as the away kit color is because the use of green and white in the German Football Association (DFB) logo which makeup the colors of the football pitch.

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What color is the away jersey for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The away jersey of the Philadelphia Eagles is much like the home jersey except the colors are reversed. On the home jerseys there is dark green and the number, logo, and name is white, on the away jersey IT IS WHITE AND THE NUMBER, LOGO, AND NAME IS DAEK GREEN. Also the alternate jerseys are the same as the home jerseys, except the dark green is replaced with black.

What color is the Miami Hurricanes HOME jersey?

Orange tops with white bottoms is their normal home jersey & white tops with green bottoms is their normal away jersey. They also wear green tops with white bottoms away every now & then

What is an away jersey?

An away jersey is the uniform that the team wears in the team colours as visiting players, These jerseys are differently coloured than the colours that they wear on their home field. For example if your colours are green and white, the home jersey might be a green jersey with white lettering. An away jersey would be a white jersey with green lettering. The jersey is so designed because the visiting team might have the same colours as the home team, so the play can be distinguished between the visiting team and the home team. If both teams wear the same colours, the away jersey tells that the team with the inverted colours are the visitors.

What is Portugal's color?

The home colors of Sporting Clube de Portugal [Sporting CP] are a green and white striped jersey and the away color is a solid green jersey.

Why are German national football team away colours green?

The colors of the German away jerseys changed from time to time. It was mostly green, because gree is the color of the German football association (DFB). But they had also for a short time red away jerseys. At the World Cup 2010 they will have black away jerseys. This was the color of the jeresys worn at the first football match of a German team in 1898.

What happen to the alternate black jerseys that the Jaguars wear?

They dont use them anymore. Instead they use a green jersey for home and a white jersey for away.

What color jersey do the Green Bay Packers wear at home?

Green. The Packers home jersey is green. The road jersey is usually white.

Why is Real Madrid's jersey green?

its not green

What is Slovenia's world cup jersey color?

White background with green mountains on the front for home the same thing for away except the background is green and mountains yellow.

Did the German U boat attack on the Jersey Shore?

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Green in German?

green = grün

What colours are on a Brazil soccer jersey?

Yellow and green for the home players. Blue and yellow for the away players. Brazil's soccer jersey is one of the most recognizable jerseys in the world for it's colors.

Is there a green jersey in the tour de france?

Yes. The green jersey is worn by the one who wins the most sprints.

What is the German word for green?

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What shade of green is springbok jersey?

Springbok jersey green is close to R 40 G 70 B 50

Who wore green bay packer jersey number eleven?

Who wore Green Bay Packers jersey number eleven?

When was East German Green Party created?

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What color is the away jersey for the Indianapolis Colts?

The Colts use a white jersey for away games. The jersey has blue accents on it, much like the Colts home jersey, which is Blue with white accents.

What is the price of Manchester united away jersey in Mumbai?

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What jersey will Green Bay Packers ware in the super bowl?

They're the home team, so they will wear their solid green jersey.

How do you translate 'green' into German?

"green" translates as "grün".

What color jersey will green bay wear as home team?


What does the Connecticut whale hockey jersey look like?

It has been said that it will be green for both home and away for the first month before they get the Reebok jerseys in.

Is Green Day German?

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What does Grun mean in German?

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