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It is simple. There is a war in Libya because people of Libya want Muammar Gaddafi to leave office so that they might be able to live more proper within their own country.

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because the Libyans wanted change and Qaddafi stopped them form getting it

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because of Gaddafi

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Q: Why is the US fighting in Libya?
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How many US soldiers have died fighting in Libya?


What foods does the US export to Libya?

The US exports corn to Libya.

Where are us army bases in Libya?

US army bases in Libya are in Tripoli.

Is Libya a colony of US?

No, Libya is an independent country in North Africa and has no connections to the US.

What Middle East nations are against Islamic State?

The following Middle Eastern and North African countries are fielding some soldiers, weapons, or intelligence in the fight against Islamic State:JordanMoroccoBahrainQatarSaudi ArabiaTurkeyUnited Arab EmiratesIranIraqi Kurdistan & Rojava Syrian KurdistanEgypt (fighting in Libya and Egypt)Libya (fighting in Libya)Lebanon (fighting in Lebanon)

Will the US go to war with Libya?

NO. The US is relatively disinterested in Libya's current civil war and will likely ignore the region. Besides the US intervention in Libya in 2011 has soured many Americans on the idea of intervening in Libya another time.

What is the nation currently under attack by European?

Libya is fighting with European forces.

How does the size of Libya compare to the US?

- 1,759,541 km2 US- 9,826,675 km2 Libya would fit into the US 5.6 times.

Why are the people of Libya still fighting?

Because now a days, people think war is the answer.

What two sides are fighting in Libya's civil war?

Gadaffi's supporters (the government) and the rebels.

What is happening in Libya?

Gaddafi, the 'president' of Libya, doesn't treat his people right and used the government's money on himself and not for the people and the country, not the Libyans are rebelling and fighting against him.

Why US bombed Libya?

because if the current government is deposed, Libya may become an ally